Access ICDL on Canvas

ICDL Training materials can still be accessed by all UCC staff and students via Canvas

The online training material will only be available until end of Dec 2021

The ICDL online training is now available through your UCC Canvas account.

  • Click here and click Login to Canvas
    • UCC Student login details are:
      • Username: Student Number
      • Password: Student IT Account Password
    • UCC Staff login details are:
      • Username: UCC email address
      • Password:  Staff IT Account Password
  • Click on the Courses button on the left hand side of the screen
  • Click on the All Courses link
  • Click Browse more courses button and type ICDL in the search box
  • Click Join this Course
  • The course should now appear in your Canvas Dashbooard

ICDL training is available free of charge, however there is a cost for sitting the exams.

Please Note:

  • If you get an error saying you do not have permission to access the training please ensure that you clicked on the arrow to the right of the course name and not the course name. 
  • Allow Java to Run
  • Allow Pop Ups on the site ‌

ICDL 2016 Error Note:

ICDL 2016 may encounter a content issue the first time you run a module which results in the module being blank.

To rectify this, click the small red icon in the top right of the browser window, shown below:

From the popup which displays, click 'Load Unsafe Scripts'.

The module will re-load and display the content, and all other modules should now also function without issue.