The Italian Wave

The Italian Teaching and Learning Initiative


Despite the undoubtable importance of Italy, a G8 country, in Europe and beyond, and the growing impact of the Italian community in Ireland, unlike other European Languages, such as French, German and Spanish, that are quite well established in the Irish education system, Italian is less commonly taught as a curricular subject in schools. The Italian Wave project aims at bridging the gap between the widespread interest in Italian in the Cork region and the need to develop its presence in the school curriculum. The 2020 project initiated this process by giving primary and secondary schools the opportunity and the necessary support to extend the choice of languages available to their students by including Italian language and culture. The project received an enthusiastic response from local primary and secondary schools and clearly showed the high level of interest in Italian in the city of Cork and surrounding areas. The 2021 project constitutes an expansion and enhancement of the 2020 initiative. The objective is to increase the impact of the previous action by extending the number of involved schools and widening the area of operation, both online and in face-to-face delivery.

Coordinators of the Project: 
M. Gabriella Caponi 
tel. 021 490 3000 
Sara Lis Ventura 

Department of Italian


First Floor Block A West, O' Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Ireland