Studying Italian in an Arts degree

Italian is available to Beginners and Non-Beginners as one of the our First-Year subjects of the UCC BA degree programme (CK101).

Beyond First Year, it can be taken in the three-year BA as a Joint Honours (30/60 credits) or Major Honours (40/60 credits), or as a 20-credit or 10-credit Minor Subject in a Major or Single Honours degree.

Other Honours Degree Programmes

Italian can also be taken as a Joint Honours subject in other BA pathways, such as the four-year BA (European Studies), and the BA (Arts-Music) [CK104] and BA (Drama & Theatre Studies) [CK112], with their four-year pathways, the BA (Arts-Music - European) and the BA (Drama & Theatre Studies - International), which include a Third Year studying at an Italian university: students opt into the four-year pathways on registration for Second Year.

The four-year BA (Language & Cultural Studies)

At the end of First Year, students can opt to register for the BA (Language & Cultural Studies - Italian), a four-year Honours degree, with the Third Year spent studying Italian and the student's other subject at a partner university (Udine, Venezia, Padova, Genova, Bologna, Firenze, Siena, Roma Tre). Italian can also be taken in the BA (LCS -French) and BA (LCS - German).

In addition to offering students a wonderful opportunity to improve their language skills and to experience Italian culture first-hand, the Year Abroad allows them to demonstrate maturity, independence and initiative, qualities which are much appreciated by prospective employers.

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