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I joined the Department of Italian in September 2016 after obtaining an MA in Comparative Literature and Postcolonial Cultures from the University of Bologna and a doctoral degree in Italian Postcolonial Literature from the University of St Andrews, where I worked as a teaching fellow in Italian and Comparative Literature. In my PhD thesis, I analysed selected Italian postcolonial novels from a spatial perspective, investigating the ways in which specific spaces come to play crucial roles in the narration. I examined the strategies through which characters (first generation migrants or with migrant origins) try to appropriate certain spaces, in the attempt to recreate feelings of home. The corpus comprised of the work of Cristina Ubax Ali-Farah, Igiaba Scego, Shirin Ramzanali Fazel, Amara Lakhous and Gabriella Kuruvilla.

In my current research project, I am investigating the ambiguities that shape the socio-economic relations between Italy and China and the role played by the Chinese community in Italy. The analysis is based on the close study of a wide corpus of novels, periodicals and TV shows in which the representation of China and of the Chinese community can be read as a mirror in which to delineate the discursive tensions underpinning this yet unfulfilled economic encounter. More recently I started analysing the growing phenomenon of Italian (and Chinese-Italian) expats to China and the way this affects not only the relationship between the two countries, but the representation of China and Italy’s resident Chinese community.

Research interests: 

  • Postcolonial Italy
  • Migration Studies
  • Cultural Studies
  • Comparative Literature
  • Cultural Geography
  • Geocriticism
  • Memory Studies


Professional activities:

Conference Contributions:


Society for Italian Studies Biennial Conference,
Chiara Giuliani (2017) Italian Expats in China, Chinese Migrants in Italy: Representations, Perceptions and Implications, University of Hull (Hull, June 2017)


Urban Space and the Body
Chiara Giuliani (2017) ‘I’m looking for a place, places, where the city will speak for me – speak me, indeed. Utter me’. Domesticating Public Space in Italian Transnational Literature, University College Cork, (Cork, June 2017)


Transnational Italies: Mobility, Subjectivities and Modern Italian Cultures
Chiara Giuliani (2016) Italiani made in China: notions of ‘Italianness’ in second generation Chinese-Italians, British School at Rome (Rome, October 2016)


Italy and China, Europe and East Asia: Centuries of Dialogue
Chiara Giuliani (2016) The ‘Chinese-Italian Threat’ to Italian National Identity, University of Toronto, (Toronto, April 2016)


PG-NOISIS 2014 Symposium
Chiara Giuliani (2014) Negotiating Home Spaces: Spatial Practices in Italian Postcolonial Literature, University of Glasgow (Glasgow, October 2014)


Invisible Empires. Italy and Economies of Exchange
Chiara Giuliani (2014) ‘È come se mi trovassi nel centro di Pechino’. The Chinese Community in Italy and Italians in China: A Growing Discrepancy, University of St Andrews (St Andrews, June 2014)


City Margins, City Memories
Chiara Giuliani (2014) ‘Là dove c’era … ora c’è…’ the threat of kebab shops to Italian culture, Bangor University (London, April 2014)


PG-NOISIS Inaugural Event
Chiara Giuliani (2013) Il mio palazzo e la mia panchina e il mio bar’. Via Padova: practices of belonging, University of St Andrews (St Andrews, September 2013)


Across Borders: Translation and Migration
Chiara Giuliani (2013) You ‘write’ it phone centre, you ‘call’ it home: the phone centre in Italian postcolonial dynamics, Cardiff University (Cardiff, May 2013)


Teaching interests: 

Modules taught:






The Language of the Italian Media



Issues in Contemporary Italian Society through Film and Documentaries



Cinematic Representations of the anni di piombo



Migration and Culture



Crossing Borders: Cultures and Societies



Introduction to Written and Spoken Italian





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