Taught Masters in Italian

Taught Masters in Italian

The MA in Italian is a full-time programme running for one year from the date of first registration. The Master’s consists of two streams, one cultural, the other language and translation based. Students choose one of two streams: 

Stream A. Modern and Contemporary Italian Culture: New Approaches [CKE48] concentrates on modern and contemporary Italian literary and cinema studies. Students will study texts within the context of recent innovative critical theories, such as cultural studies, gender studies, post-colonial studies. Students will take one ‘language’ module (from IT6101;  IT6102; IT6103) and three ‘culture’ modules (from IT6201; IT6202; IT6203; IT6204; IT6205; IT6206; IT6207; IT6208, depending on what is on offer) as well as LL6000.

Stream B. Italian Language and Translation Studies [CKE65] focuses on Italian Language and Translation and the teaching of Italian as a second language. These areas of concentration provide students with a practical grounding on the teaching and learning of the language and on translation, all within a cultural context. Students will take three ‘language’ modules (from IT6101, IT6102, IT6103 and one ‘culture’ module (from IT6201; IT6202; IT6203; IT6204; IT6205;  IT6206;  IT6207; IT6208, IT6211; IT6212, depending on what is on offer) as well as LL6000.

Master’s modules:
IT6101 Traduzione: metodologia e pratica
IT6102 Terminologie
IT6103 Didattica dell’italiano L2
IT6201 Vasco Pratolini e la sua Firenze
IT6202 Rappresentazioni letterarie della Sicilia
IT6203 Cinema e letteratura:  Senso
IT6204 Prosatrici italiane moderne e contemporanee
IT6205 Palazzeschi: poeta e prosatore
IT6206 La città postmoderna nel cinema italiano degli anni 80 e 90
IT6207 Il cinema di Nanni Moretti
IT6208 Il giallo
IT6211 Il romanzo modernista
I T6212 Riscrivere il Risorgimento
LL6000 Research Methods

In all cases, modules reflect the research interests and expertise of staff. N.B Not all modules are offered in a given year.

Candidates will follow a course of studies that will run in teaching periods 1 and 2. There will be seminars of approximately five hours per week. All classes will be conducted in Italian. Students will also take an interdepartmental postgraduate module on Research Methods.

The degree of MA will be awarded on assessment and end of year examination together with the presentation of a dissertation (approximately 12,000-15,000 words) to be submitted for assessment by mid-September.

Entry Requirements:Taught Master's: Applicants should normally have obtained at least Second-Class Honours Grade II (or equivalent) in Italian, with a minimun award of Second-Class Honours Grade II (or equivalent) in Language. They may be required to present themselves for interview or further assessment before a final decision is made.

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