A short history

The Computer Bureau to IT Services

The following images show just how far we have come here in UCC.

From our first computer — in approximately 1965, an IBM 1620 Model 2 to the IBM 1130 mode in 1970. In 1973 our first "computer room" was built in the Kane Building, it housed an IBM 370 Model 135. This was the beginning of the department we now know as IT Services. 

Arrival of the internet

“The Internet” as we know it nowadays had been in the process of evolving ever since the early 1970s.

In 1985 when UCC was still an IBM mainframe customer, we availed of the opportunity to join an IBM-funded academic network called BitNet — or, EARN – European Academic Research Network. We were able to connect both our IBM and VAX computers to the network and although the services available would be deemed primitive by today’s standards, it became very popular with students.

Once we were connected to BitNet/EARN, both files and messages could be sent to contacts at other universities around the world.

1st in Ireland - 9th in the World

"The first I heard of the WWW was when Tim Berners-Lee mentioned it at a meeting of the RARE WG3 in late 1991. As a result of this I downloaded his software to try it out for the CELT project, which was then just starting. That was the point at which our then-new Sun IPX workstation became a web server with information about the CELT project, and our link entered Tim's original homepage from CERN, at the bottom of the first screen (http://info.cern.ch).

I couldn't give an exact date, but Tim did confirm to me many years later that there were nine links on that page, so we were the ninth."

Peter Flynn speaking in 2013

Further Reading

For those interested, read a Complete History of Computing in UCC

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