Password Policies

Password Policies

Summary: If you forgot your password or it expired the instructions for getting it reset are detailed below.

Primary users of this service: Staff, Student, Researchers, Alumni, Retired Staff

Who to contact to use this service: E: | T: +353 (0)21 490 2120 | IT Services |

Contact to discuss this service: Michael O'Halloran | E: |

Strategic Focus: Enabling Infrastructure Services, Staff Experience

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Description of the Service

Please note that password polices are implemented in compliance with UCC Audit Recommendations.

CENTRAL Password Policy

  • Enforce Password History 24 passwords remembered
    • This means that while passwords can be similar, you cannot use any of your previous 24 passwords
  • Max Password Age 90 days
    • When the 90 days are up you will be prompted to re-set your password
  • Min Password Age 2 days
  • Min Password Length 10 characters
    • Passwords can be more than 10 characters in length, but they cannot be less than 10
  • Password must meet the complexity requirements
  • Account Lockout Threshold 8
    • If you enter your password incorrectly 8 times your account will lock. If an account is locked you will not be able to log in, even with the correct password, for a fixed amount of time
  • Account Lockout Duration 30 minutes
    • After 30 minutes a locked account will automatically unlock. Remember, entering an incorrect password 8 times will lock an account.
  • Reset Account Lockout counter after 30 minutes

Password Complexity

The password complexity means the password must consist of 3 of the following

  • uppercase characters
  • lowercase characters
  • numbers
  • special characters (as seen on the keyboard)


It may be easier to consider a “passphrase” , i.e. a combination of words running into each other with a date and a punctuation mark
For example, maybe you had a memorable holiday one time; the passphrase, Maldives2007! would satisfy the password policy requirement and may be easier to remember.

Changing your password

From your office PC

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the keyboard
  • Select Change Password
  • Follow the on screen instructions

Alternatively you can wait until the current password expires and you are prompted to reset the password.

Self Service Online Password Reset

If you have trouble changing your password or have forgotten your password you should contact the Staff IT helpdesk at extension 2120.

IT Services Department

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Room 3.34, 3rd floor, T12 YN60