AIP - To safely share your document by email

How to share your document by email with Non-UCC companies


  1. Right click your document and select Classify and protect.
    The below “Classify and protect - Azure Information Protection”screen opens:

    Azure Information Protection quick start tutorial step 5 - right-click classify and protect

  2. Select Protect with custom permissions, which displays additional options.
    For Select permissions, keep the default of Viewer – View Only.
    For Select users, type one or more business email addresses. To specify more than one address, you use a semicolon or press Enter.
  3. With this setting, your recipients will be able to view the document but not edit or print it.
    (Make sure that you specify a business email address like, or because currently, RMS/Azure Information Protection doesn’t support personal email addresses. )

  4. After specifying the addresses, copy them to the clipboard because we'll use them in a later step.

  5. Click Apply and wait for the Work finished message to see the results. Then click Close.

  6. Back in File Explorer, right-click your file again, and this time, select Send toMail recipient. This attaches your document to an email message with some default text that we will change later on.

  7. Before we change the default text, paste the email addresses that you specified earlier into the To

  8. Optional. Type your choice of subject in the Subject box, for example: I am sharing a protected UCC document.

  9. Modify the default message description so that it's suitable for your recipients. However, add the following text:

      I've protected this file with Microsoft Azure Information Protection. For first time use, see these instructions:

    1. Click Send.

      Now you’ve sent your protected document, you’re ready to ask your recipients to wait for it to arrive and then open it.



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