Returning to Campus

5 Sep 2020

Over the past five months UCC staff have coped with significant changes in how we work. During the coming months we will face additional challenges as we start to return to work on campus. We are going to return to a different workplace, with restrictions on ways of working. We want to advise you on the IT considerations when returning to campus.

Stay Mobile!

We will need your help here to re-open the campus services, so best advice is Stay Mobile and stay flexible.


  • Use your laptop or Chromebook, don’t go back to your PC if you have a portable device.
  • Stay on Wi-Fi, all our services work on Wi-Fi, you’ve been using Wi-Fi for five months now
  • Use office Office365, VirtualAPP, SharePoint, Canvas from your laptop
  • Find information on purchasing IT equipment here


  • It’s more flexible, allowing you to work from home again if public health advice changes to require it
  • It’s safer, you can place your laptop anywhere you want in an office to accommodate social distancing, not tethered to a network patch point
  • It gives you options to work from home/ work from office when and how you please
  • Public Health advice, it is not advisable for IT staff to be moving around the campus re-patching hundreds or thousands of PCs. This is a huge waste of staff resources, and is against public health advice
  • It’s the future, this emergency has re-enforced for us, that mobility and flexibility is critical to the modern workforce, and this is the opportunity to change our work habits.

Help us to help you

You can support the IT team, by working from campus in the same way as you worked from home for the past few months, stay flexible and stay mobile. We are now supporting two Universities, an online University, and the re-opening of a physical University.

We have created a QUESTIONS & ANSWERS VIDEO which will answer any questions you may have.

Staff IT Service Desk