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IT Equipment

IT Services are only recommending the purchase of laptops or Chromebooks. Both can be used in the office, connected to a docking station monitor, keyboard &mouse acting just like a desktop. They can also then be taken home to be used for remote working. Desktop computers remove that flexibility, and to buy both, in most cases, would not be an efficient use of resources.

Microsoft Windows Laptops

The current standard laptop model that we stock is the lightest and fastest we have ever provided and should meet the needs of most staff in UCC. Dell are UCC's preferred supplier. Specifications below.

  • Intel i5 Processor,
  • 512 GB Solid state drive,
  • 16 GB RAM memory
  • 5-year Pro Support next business day
  • 14” Screen
  • Laptop Bag

Please visit https://servicedesk.ucc.ie and choose option 7 or contact your local IT administrator to arrange the purchase of all standard IT equipment.


Where to get monitor keyboard, mouse and or headset

  • Can be collected from your office.
  • We also provide 24” inch monitors, USB-C docks (only works with newer models) ,wireless keyboards/mice and headset for video confrencing/Teams.
  • Additional cables should be purchased directly from any of the suppliers outlined on our https://servicedesk.ucc.ie page 


If you are purchasing a Windows laptop directly from Dell we do not recommend having it delivered directly to you at home as your laptop needs to be configured for

  • Encryption
  • Support and management
  • Your Logon Account
  • Access to software

Please arrange with IT Services or your local School/departmental IT Staff for confirguartion.


Dell are the preferred supplier for Windows laptops but if you are buying a laptop just as a contingency, we are recommending that people purchase a cheaper and more readily available type of laptop called a Chromebook. If you purchase a Chromebook, you can simply connect to your Wi-FI and logon with your UCC account to access your Email, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams and if needed Citrix. They are very easy to use, are secure and update automatically. Follow our purchasing page on https://servicedesk.ucc.ie for details.

You should not need to spend more than €400 per device including tax and delivery, we recommend not buying the more expensive devices as there is very little return for the money spent. Devices can be ordered from the suppliers and you can make follow up contact with them to deliver these laptops to your home address. 

Desktop Computers

When it comes to desktop computers, we are not recommending the purchase of new desktops.

Can I bring office PC home?

Reasons not to

  • No Wi-Fi network adapter
  • No Admin Rights
  • Powered off for a long time so not up to date, if it is running Windows 7 it is unsupported and should not be brought home.
  • It will not be encrypted 

But if you do

You will need permission from your head of department who must also record and track the asset move

Arrange with IT services or your Local System Administrator to have it tested and reconfigured

  • It will require a Wi-Fi network card (at a cost)
  • Local Admin rights provided
  • Management and Support configured
  • encryption enabled

Also please follow this link regarding remote working security

Purchasing of computer equipment

The IT Services Department provides advice to UCC Departments, Staff, and Students on the purchase of computer hardware. In association with the Procurement Office, UCC has preferred supplers for the acquisition of computer equipment. 

Windows PC's and Laptops

    • Dell Optiplex desktop PC
    • Dell Latitude notebooks (laptops)
    • Please visit https://servicedesk.ucc.ie and select form number 7 (Computer equipment Purchase) for more details. 
    • If you wish to purchase a customised specification directly from Dell through the Agresso punch-out store, please take note of the minimum specifications listed  for a device that is connecting to the UCC wired network.

Apple devices

    • CompuB for the supply of desktops, notebooks and iPads.
    • Please contact CompuB (Tel: 01 525 3999 | education@compub.com) to request a quote for your Apple device. Once you have received the quote, you can order directly from Compub through Agresso.


Replacement PC - File Transfer

If you are ordering a replacement PC or Notebook,  you can contact the I.T. Services Helpdesk (helpdesk@ucc.ie) to request to have the files copied from the old machine to the new one.

Further Information

For advice on any of the above information, email hardwarepurchase@ucc.ie

Minimum Specifications for Departmental PCs

The following is the minimum recommended specification for Departmental machines which require connectivity to the campus network.

  • Intel Core i3 processor
  • 8 gb ram
  • 256 SSD hard disk
  • Network card
  • 24" flatpanel widescreen monitor
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • 5 year NBD (Next Business Day) on-site warranty.

All departmental PCs are entitled to a basic suite of programs including Virus protection and Microsoft Office under campus licensing arrangements. 

Minimum Specifications for Departmental Notebooks (Laptops)

The following is the minimum recommended specification for Departmental Notebooks (Laptops)  which require connectivity to the campus wired network.

  • Intel Core i5 processor
  • 8 gb ram
  • 256 SSD hard disk
  • Network card
  • 14 inch UHD screen
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • 5 year NBD (Next Business Day) on-site warranty.

Purchasing Apple Computers

After you order your Apple desktop or notebook, we recommend you contact the IT Services Helpdesk (helpdesk@ucc.ie ext. 2120) to arrange for the configuration of the device for the the UCC wired network. For iPads you will be able to connect through the eduroam wireless service with your email address and password.

Please consider the following when purchasing an Apple Device:

When Ordering

If you choose a non-standard specification by increasing the RAM or the size of the internal drive, you are then choosing what is know as a B.T.O. (Built To Order). This can delay the arrival of the device by up to 10 working days.

Keep an eye out for the arrival of new models usually between June and October. When a new product line comes in there can be added delays as Apple will have to get the new product out to suppliers and this can cause long delays.  


When purchasing any Apple products we recommend also purchasing Compub's 5 year warranty called CompuB Care plus. If any of the hardware fails on an Apple product it is usually quite expensive to repair. It is important to spend a little extra to ensure the longevity of your laptop or desktop.

There is also a special warranty available for iPads/iPhones called AppleCare Plus which covers breakage, dropping etc. which lasts for 2 years but could save you having to replace the device if the damage is too extensive. 

MacBook Air

You will need extra adapters to connect to the following:

  • A thunderbolt to VGA adapter if you want to connect your MacBook Air to projectors on campus.
  • A thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter to connect to the wired network on campus.
  • As the MacBook Air has only one thunderbolt port you cannot use both Thunderbolt connectors (mentioned above) if you want to connect to both a projector and the wired network at the same time. You will instead need a USB to ethernet adapter rather than a Thunderbolt to Ethernet adapter.
  • 5 year Warranty: CompuB Care plus. 



The Macbook has only one port called an USB-C port. You will need extra adapters to connect to the following:

  • USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter if you want to connect your MacBook to UCC projectors and avail of a USB port.
  • An USB-C to ethernet adapter to connect the MacBook to the wired network on campus.
  • 5 year Warranty: CompuB Care plus.


MacBook Pro (Retina Display only) 

You will need extra adapters to connect to the following:

  • A thunderbolt to VGA adapter if you want to connect your MacBook Air to projectors on campus.
  • A thunderbolt to ethernet adapter to connect to the wired network on campus.
  • An Apple USB Superdrive to use CD/DVDs.
  • 5 year Warranty: CompuB Care plus. 


  • The default keyboard is wireless and has no keypad on the right hand side. You will need to order the wired Keyboard if you want to get the numpad and that will delay your order as it is then BTO(see above).
  • The iMac now no longer has a DVD (optical) drive. If you require an optical drive you will need to order the Apple USB Superdrive to CD/DVDs.
  • 5 year Warranty: CompuB Care plus.



There are a number of things that need to be decided upon when purchasing an iPad:

Which iPad do you want?

You can visit here to compare the iPad models: http://store.apple.com/ie/ipad/compare . Please note, the educational discount is about 3% on iPads given the low-margin nature of the device. 

What colour do you want?

Silver, Gold or Space Grey.

Do you want Wi-Fi & 4G/Cellular or Wi-Fi Only?

The Wi-Fi & 4G/Cellular version of any iPad adds about €120 as well as the cost of a monthly data contract that will need to be setup with telephony. It does however give you internet access where ever you go rather than the Wi-Fi only model. 

What capacity do you want?

They vary in size from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. You only need the larger capacity if you plan on storing a lot of photos or video media on the iPad. For browsing and email get the smaller capacity model. 

What cover do you want?

We recommend buying a sturdy folio cover that protects the device from scratches and other damage.


2 year Warranty: AppleCare plus.


All site licensed Microsoft Software with a Mac version is freely available simply contact software@ucc.ie .

We are currently having issues with versions of Java on the Mac Operating System so applications like DMIS might not work. 

Airport Express

Airport Express wireless hubs are not permitted on the UCC Network as it would constitute a serious security risk to the University Network.  

Getting other Computing Equipment

Having received your PC, you may require other computing equipment or peripherals such as

  • printers
  • scanners
  • external hard-drive
  • additional memory etc.

For advice on any of the above email hardwarepurchase@ucc.ie

Hardware Purchase

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