Energy Management

Energy Conservation Tips

Should I turn my computer off when I leave work?

Yes, every evening but particularly at the start of weekends or other prolonged periods of absence. Even though your computer may have power saving features or has energy management enabled, there is still some electricity consumed and over a period of time that energy consumption becomes significant. If it is switched off then you make the most saving.

Are there any precautions or special way I should turn it off?

Yes, with Windows platforms:

  • click on the "Start" button on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Choose "Shut Down"
  • From the drop down list on the Dialogue box that appears, choose "Shut Down"
  • Shutting down the computer usually powers it off also

Do I need to unplug the computer?

Under normal circumstances no, but occasionally the office of Buildings and Estates make undertake repair or installation work out of normal working hours and would recommend such. However they usually notify people in advance.

What about the monitor/screen?

Many monitors/screens automatically go into what is termed sleep mode once your computer is shutdown. However some energy is still consumed keeping it in a ready state for when the computer system unit comes back on again. Once the computer is shutdown and switched off, switch off the monitor also. If your monitor takes its power directly from the computer system unit, it will be powered off when the computer is shutdown.

What about other pieces of equipment attached to my computer such as printers, scanners and other office computer equipment?

Once the computer is shutdown and switched off, then yes, they can be switched off also. Some pieces of equipment take their power from the computer itself, in such circumstances it is sufficient to shutdown/switch off the computer only.

I cannot find an on/off switch on some of the equipment attached to my computer yet it has its own power cord and is plugged into a power socket. What should I do?

Once the computer to which it is attached is shutdown and powered off, pull out its plug from the power socket

Is there anything I need to do before I switch the computer back on again?

Yes, first switch back on all the other equipment that is connected to your computer, especially your monitor. Ensure that you plugged in all plugs you removed previously and all switches are in the on position.

After I switch the computer on and it is up and running I find that I cannot do some tasks such as print a document even though it worked before I turned everything off. What could be wrong?

First check that you have plugged everything back in. Ensure they are powered on; check that on/off switches are in on position. Some pieces of equipment default back to the off position when unplugged. Retrace your steps in necessary.

Energy Management

Summary: Green IT - Tips on how you can help protect the environment while still getting the most out of IT.

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