Learn To Be Secure

IT Security Learning Pathway

UCC Microsoft Learning Pathways is a self-learn tutorial portal, customised for use in UCC. It provides IT Security scenario-based learning. The IT Security Learning Pathway covers:

  • Cybersecurity Fundamentals: Keep your computer secure at work, learn about mutifactor authentication, firewall and network protection in Windows security, and prevent changes to security.
  • Top Threats: Protect yourself from phishing avoid tech support scams, stay protected with Windows security and work from home more securely.
  • Digital Safety: Get tips to keep your data safe and help protect your family online with Windows Security.

Click here to access the IT Security Learning Pathway.

ICDL IT Security Module

Learn to be secure - enrol in free online training about IT Security.

ICDL training is available free of charge to all UCC staff and students. New ICDL includes a useful optional module on IT Security. There is a cost for sitting ICDL exams, but the training material itself is accessible for free - all you need is a Canvas account.

How to Enrol in ICDL IT Security Module

  1. Sign in to https://canvas.ucc.ie with your UCC credentials
  2. Select Courses from the left menu pane
  3. Select All courses
  4. Select Browse more courses
  5. Enter ICDL in the Name text box
  6. Select Join this Course
  7. Once joined, go back to your Dashboard
  8. Click on the ICDL course, you will see the IT Security option listed under Full ICDL Certificate at the bottom of the Home page

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