Request an IT Project

Step 1 - Submit Project Request

To request IT Services support with your project please email: or contact the IT Service Owner.

Step 2 - Assessment Phase

The project request now enters the Project Request Assessment Phase. During this phase, the following will be reviewed:

  • Functional unit readiness assessment
  • Check for OCLA DP and Records Management requirements
  • Checked for fit by Technical Architecture Board
  • Checked for fit with Digital and Academic Strategy

 At this stage, a Project Proposal will be completed by the Project Requester. 

Step 3 - Approval Phase

The Project Request now enters the Approval Phase

  • Project is prioritised and ranked
  • Project is submitted to IT Services Management Team for Approval
  • If the budget is over 25k - submitted to the IT Steering Committee for Approval
  • It the budget is over 1m - submitted to UMTO for Approval

The Project Request is informed of the approval/rejection of the project request. If the project is approved, a PM is appointed and the Project Lifecycle starts. 

IT Services Project Management Office