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ITS Upgrade


ITS is a database system to support the administration life-cycle of students. It includes application, registration, examination, award and an online portal system allowing students to register for modules, pay fees and obtain their exam results. This project entails the upgrading of the underlying infrastructure to support the system


The upgrade will be delivered in two phases;

Phase 1: ITS iEnabler (student portal) is scheduled to go live in July 2015.

Phase 2: ITS Integrator (Back office system) is scheduled to go live at the end of 2015.

February 2016: The upgrade project is complete, all ITS back office users are now using ITS Integrator v3.

Project Manager

Paul Sheehan

IT Services Department

Seirbhísí TF

Room 3.34, 4th floor, T12 YN60