About the PMO

About the Project Management Office

The IT Services PMO is co-ordinating unit that provides a focal point for project management within IT Services. A key function of this office is to develop and implement a practical approach to project management for IT Services given the financial and resourcing constraints within the department.

What we can do to help

The IT Services PMO aims to provide

  • A practical project management methodology for IT Projects
  • A repeatable project management process for projects
  • Improve project success within IT Services
  • Support to UCC departments on how to request/start a project with IT Services
  • Complete functional unit readiness assessments with requesting departments
  • Provides project management advice and support to PMs, Sponsor, Business Change Lead, IT Services Management team, ITSC.
  • Supports the selection and prioritisation of projects
  • Report on the project pipeline and project register
  • Strategic project support to the IT Services Directorate

What we don't do

  • Directly manage IT Service projects – individual PM’s manage the projects.
  • Support projects or programs outside the scope of IT Services e.g. B&E, Academy etc.

ISPMO Governance

The ISPMO reports directly to the IT Services Directorate, Dr. Gerard Culley. 

The overall governance and reporting structure for the ISPMO is outlined here:



a diagram showing the PMOs reporting structure


ISPMO Reports and Meetings

The IT Services PMO maintains the following reports:

  • IT Services Project Register
  • IT Services Project Pipeline of Projects
  • IT Services PMO Risk Register
  • PMO Updates to IT Steering


The IT Services PMO has several regular meetings within its governance framework. 

 ISPMO PMO Meeting Structure

ISPMO Integration

The ISPMO has integrated its processes within IT Services with:

  • Technical Architecture Board
  • External Hosting 
  • IT Security


The ISPMO is working closely with the following departments to formally integrate the relevant overlapping processes in each area:

  • Finance - Procurement
  • OCLA - Data Protection and GDPR
  • OCLA - Records Management

Wider PMO community involvement

The ISPMO works to actively expand its knowledge and build relationships with the wider PMO community:


UCC Community of Project Managers

  • Regular attendee of CoPM meetings
  • Presents to CoPM on an annual basis: 2018 Project Toolkit, 2019 Project Governance

UCC Project Management Academic community

  • 2018 - Guest lecture for M.Sc. in Project Management on the topic of "Differences in PM within the multinationals, family businesses, and the public sector".
  • 2020 - Guest lecture for M.BA on the topic of "Getting in front of Problems"

HE Relationships and HEANET PMO

  • Attend the bi-annual HEANET PMO meetings aimed at facilitating the sharing of knowledge and procedures within the HE sector in Ireland. 
  • 2018 - Presented on introducing the business readiness process in UCC and facilitated discussion on the benefits of the new process
  • Maintain regular contact with colleagues in the HE sector


IT Services Project Management Office