Wi-Fi Improvements and Student Survey Results

10 Sep 2015
2015 deployments highlighted in blue, with top student responses for Wi-Fi 2016 in black.

2015 has seen several improvements to the Wi-Fi network across UCC, and hundreds of responses to a student survey are informing the Wi-Fi improvement strategy for 2016.

Improvements in 2015

Wi-Fi coverage is already strong across many central and off-campus locations in UCC, including the Boole Library, Student Centre and many departmental buildings, lecture rooms and student accommodation. A full list of locations currently equipped with Wi-Fi can be found here.

However, we are continually striving to improve the Wi-Fi network infrastructure throughout the University. Several improvements to the coverage of existing Wi-Fi locations have taken place in 2015, including to the wireless installs in two off-Campus UCC locations: University Hall and Brookfield Health Sciences Complex. Additionally, plans are underway to enhance the wireless coverage and capacity which already exists in the Boole library. This will focus in particular on improving coverage in the original section of the building.

Deployment of wireless has also taken place in many new locations including:

  • Geography Building
  • Cavanaugh Pharmacy Building
  • Western Gateway Building 4th Floor
  • Roseleigh
  • Biosciences
  • North Wing
  • Mercy CRF

Student Survey

In a recent survey we asked students in what locations they would like to see improvements to Wi-Fi occur. Hundreds of responses were received, and this feedback will be used to inform the strategy for Wi-Fi implementation in 2016, as we aim to further advance the availability of a reliable, widespread wireless network across UCC.

Among the most popular choices of location to see improved Wi-Fi are:

  • Kane Building
  • Food Science Building
  • Connolly Building
  • Boole Basement
  • Main Restaurant
  • O’Rahilly Building

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