UCC Photographer Tomas Tyner announced as IPPA awards finalist

29 Jan 2016

Tomas Tyner, UCC Photographer, has been announced as a finalist for the IPPA Bank of Ireland Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2016.

Tomas has been nominated in the Pictorial and Travel category. Finalists were determined by taking the highest scoring four images for each photographer and averaging the scores. This resulted in some very close scores (as little 0.4 points) between photographers in each category.

The winners of each category, and the overall winner, will be determined at a face-to-face judging session in Dublin next Monday, 1st February. The top four scoring images for each photographer will be judged in print form, so they can all be easily viewed, compared and discussed.

Shortlisted images

short listed image 4 tomas tyner tomas tyner image 3 shorted listed image Tomas Tyner short listed image two

Short Bio

Thomas began working in UCC in 1990. He was awarded a BSc in Medical Illustration in 2002 from Glasgow Caledonian University, which he puts to good use photographing at clinics in CUH and South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital.

Headshots Campaign

Recently Tomas spear headed the Headshots Campaign - taking over 875 professional staff profile shots.

Tomas also directed a stock photographic company in the production of images for UCC. This endeavour has saved the University thousands of euro in photographic fees. 

Good Luck

IT Services would like to wish Tomas the very best of luck. 

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