Power outage - Update

17 Dec 2013

Update: Power and network access has now been restored to all areas. A power outage took out the main campus last night but our UPS and generator kept the data centre running. Power is now back and we're working on restoring the network. The back of the Kane building will be off-limits to cars until the cabling fault is repaired. Read more for update.

Up Date

Power and Network access has now been restored to all areas affected by the power outage. 

Original Story

Power went out across the main campus around 17.40 on Monday 16th when an earth fault occurred in an underground cable at the back of the Kane building.

The fault was isolated and the generator started up to keep power supplied to the Kane and surrounding buildings. Our UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) kept the data centre running until the generator power switched in.

Normal power service has now been resumed but some data switches failed, so networking is not fully restored yet.

Engineers will need access to the whole length of the cabling at the back of the Kane Building today, which is why there is no access to the car park there.

IT Services Department

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