On going browser issues

30 Jan 2015

Details of the work that is taking place to resolve browser issues around access to UCC online services. 

The Issue

The encryption standard used by our web servers for web traffic is no longer supported by Google Chrome and Firefox (November 2014). UCC encrypt all authenticated web traffic as a standard, therefore this issue is particularly disruptive in UCC. UCC is not alone in dealing with this issue. Unfortunately we cannot upgrade the web server version without also upgrading each of our enterprise applications (IRIS, CORE, DMIS, ITS).

This is a non-trivial task, and requires short term fix and also medium term solutions within a busy term schedule. 

How can we solve this problem now?

This issues of Chrome and Firefox no longer supporting SSLv3 encryption standard emerged in late November and we have been working on short term solutions in the meantime. Below is a summary of our actions, it is hoped this will provide some clarification for people as to when this issue will stop impacting them.

ITS Student Services:

ITS Student Services were prioritised in December, we deployed a solution on 14th of January so that students can perform all online services (such as access to email,  blackboard, ITS and pay fees online) using any browser they wish.


IRIS is scheduled to be resolved early next week. The database for the IRIS application has been upgraded and is being tested at present.


The database has also been upgraded however we cannot change to a new database until semester one marks have been entered. The browser issue for DMIS should be resolved around February 11th.

ESS (Employee self-service):

We are working on a solution that could be available as soon as Monday to address the security concerns with ESS.  

This is a top priority within IT Services and we are working very hard to solve it. 


Gerard Culley - Director of IT Services

IT Services Department

Seirbhísí TF

Room 3.34, 3rd floor, T12 YN60