MS Teams Recordings switched to OneDrive/SharePoint instead of Stream

5 Feb 2021

Ensure you can locate your Recordings folder to find your meeting and lecture videos.

Over the next week, you will notice a change in how recordings of Microsoft Teams meetings are saved.

Up to now, Teams meetings recordings were saved in Microsoft Stream, but Microsoft are phasing out the use of Stream for meeting recording storage*.


Where will your meeting recordings now be stored?

Outlook Canvas Meetings:

Recordings of Meetings organised via Outlook/Canvas

  • These will be saved in a new folder named ‘Recordings’ in the OneDrive of the person who started the meeting recording.

screenshot of the recordings folder in OneDrive

Microsoft Teams Channel Meetings

Recordings of Meetings organised in a Microsoft Teams Channel.

  • These will be saved in the files area of that Team or Team Channel(also accessible via Sharepoint)  

screenshot of teams channel Files location

For recordings of Lectures/Teaching

We recommend you continue to move MS Teams recordings into Panopto in order to make recordings more easily accessible to students on Canvas.   

Benefits of this change include: 

  • Teams meeting recordings can now be shared as you would any file in your OneDrive account
  • A simpler workflow.  No need to use MS Stream anymore. 
  • Guest lecturers with sponsored accounts previously had a 21-day retention limit with MS Stream. This issue will no longer exist because the recording will be in OneDrive/Teams (also accessible via SharePoint)
  • It will now be easier to share meeting recordings with external users.  

*You will still retain access to Microsoft Stream for previously saved recordings with your UCC account.

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