I.T. Security Initiatives

7 Jul 2016

In recent months UCC has witnessed multiple cyber-attacks from various sources including phishing emails and ransomware.  In order to continue to protect the UCC network and services you will see IT Services continue to roll out a number of initiatives to strengthen our security profile.  

Some user facing initiatives already implemented include:

  • More aggressive filtering of spam email to protect against phishing attacks: as we are blocking spam more aggressively we would advise you to check your Junk E-Mail folder weekly for legitimate emails as unfortunately some genuine emails that have SPAM characteristics may be tagged as such and sent to Junk E-Mail
  • Upgrade of anti-virus software

Other initiates that are in progress: 

  • Replace mapped drives with favourites to minimise risk to departmental data loss in the event of ransomware
  • Remove unnecessary local admin access on PC’s
  • Ongoing User awareness training

Take our Anti-Phishing Challenge to learn some key tips on how to stay savvy to scam emails!  We all have a role in protecting UCC and being vigilant with emails and whilst online.  

You can also learn more about I.T. security online with the IT Security training module available free from ECDL.

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