30 YEARS! - Updated: 25 Years of the World Wide Web - 24 (29 now) years of

12 Mar 2019

The World Wide Web (invented by Tim Berners-Lee)  is 25 years old (5 years ago this was true, now it is 30 years old!). University College Cork had one of the first ever websites in the world. In fact UCC had the 9th website ever (this is still true today). 

The following is a video which catalogues the background of Ireland's first website:

In an interview for back in 2006 our own Peter Flynn (IT Services) described setting up UCC's first webserver.

 "In Cork we were just starting a major new project to publish transcriptions of Irish historical and literary documents, which would all be in SGML, and this seemed like an obvious way to put them on the Internet. I downloaded Tim's httpd software, and UCC became the ninth web server in the world...The effect of all this was that I unwittingly became Ireland's first webmaster, and also the first person on the web to break a link (I renamed a file without thinking of the fact that it was linked from Tim's machine at CERN, and I suddenly started getting email asking what I'd done to it)."

While UCC's website might have been 9th in the world, it was the 1st in Ireland. You don't have to take our word on this - even Trinity College Dublin notes this fact. 

The IT Services department in UCC hopes to continue this tradition of firsts by continuing to strive to provide the best possible IT infrastructure to the university's students and staff. 


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