Responsible Research and Innovation Networked Globally

RRING (www.rring.eu) is a H2020 consortium project, coordinated by University College Cork, which seeks to promote mutual learning and collaboration in responsible research and innovation (RRI). At UCC, RRING is hosted by MaREI (Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy Ireland) with ISS21 (Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st Century) as a contributing partner.


The overall project aim is to bring RRI into the linked up global world to promote mutual learning and collaboration in RRI. This will be achieved by the formation of the global RRING community network and by the development and mobilisation of a global Open Access RRI knowledge base. RRING will align RRI to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a global common denominator.

The RRING project acknowledges that each region of the world is advancing its own agenda on RRI. Therefore, RRING will not be producing a Global RRI framework or strategy that is meant to be enforced in a top-down manner. Rather, increased coherence and convergence will be achieved via a bottom-up approach, learning from best practices in RRI globally and from linkages, via the new RRING community, to develop the RRI linked-up world.

ISS21 Contribution:

ISS21 contributes gender expertise to the RRING project, in particular in relation to Task 1.8 - development of gender, equality and diversity protocols and training.


Dr Caitríona Ní Laoire (School of Applied Social Studies)

Dr Carol Linehan (School of Applied Psychology)

Ms. Nicola Maxwell (ISS21 and School of Applied Social Studies)

Dr Christine Gaffney (ISS21)

Prof. Geraldine Boylan (INFANT Centre)


ISS21 RRING Team: Dr. Caitríona Ní Laoire, c.nilaoire@ucc.ie

RRING Project Coordinator: Dr Gordon Dalton, MaREI, g.dalton@ucc.ie

Funded by: H2020 Swafs14 2017

Project duration: 2018 - 2021



Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21)

Top Floor, Carrigbawn/Safari Building, Donovan Road, Cork, T12 YE30