Mental health system responses to young people in distress

3 Apr 2023
Unleashing the voice within: Challenging Current Responses of Mental Health Systems to Young People in Distress

  Monday 3rd April, 6.30-8.30 pm

Venue: Aula Maxima, UCC

This seminar provides a critical discussion on different ways of supporting young people experiencing distress, beyond the current services available. The discussion centres on the power of young people’s voice and the possibilities for alternative sources of help. We propose a move beyond the resource recommendations of the recent report of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Although resources are needed, a critical rethink of current thinking and practices is also needed. In other words, we need to keep asking the question ‘resources to do what?’ We hope that the seminar will kickstart a new and critical national narrative to address the concerns of many young people seeking support in times of distress. 
Speakers included  Emma O’Sullivan ( mental health campaigner), John Russell (YMCA Ireland), Raphael Olympio (youth mentor & student) and Aleesa Wiegandt (mental health advocate & student). 
This event was hosted by  Critical Voices Network Ireland Mad in Ireland   & the ISS21  Disability & Mental Health Cluster.
Emma O'Sullivan opening the seminar.

Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century (ISS21)

Top Floor, Carrigbawn/Safari Building, Donovan Road, Cork, T12 YE30