Publications & Other Outputs

Listed below are selected publications and outputs from ISS21 affiliated projects.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Publication Details
Fathi, M. (in press, 2021) 'Home-in-Migration: Some critical reflections on temporal, spatial and sensorial perspectives', Ethnicities.
Fernández, E., Kitching, K. & Horgan, D. (2021): 'Young girls’ experiences of "good" food imperatives in a working class school community: rethinking food desire?', Cambridge Journal of Education
O’Mullane, M. (2021) ‘Developing a theoretical framework for exploring the institutional responses to the Athena SWAN Charter in higher education institutions (HEIs)- A feminist institutionalist perspective,’ Irish Journal of Sociology, Online First
Fathi, M. (2021) “‘My life is on hold”: Examining home, belonging and temporality among migrant men in Ireland’, Journal of Gender, Place and Culture. DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2021.1916445 IF: 1.554
Kelleher C, O’Loughlin D, Gummerus J, Peñaloza L. (2020) 'Shifting arrays of a kaleidoscope: the orchestration of relational value cocreation in service systems', Journal of Service Research, 23(2):211-228. doi:10.1177/1094670519882495
Ni Laoire, C., Linehan, C., Archibong, U., Picardi, I, Uden, M. (2020) 'Context matters: Problematizing the policy‐practice interface in the enactment of gender equality action plans in universities', Gender Work And Organization
Edwards, C. (2020) ‘Geographies of security and disabled people’s urban lives’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research: Spotlight On.
Salazar M, Daoud N, Edwards C., Scanlon & Vives-Cases, C. (2020) ‘PositivMasc: masculinities and violence against women among young people. Identifying discourses and developing strategies for change, a mixed-method study protocol’ BMJ Open, 10: 1-7.
Revez, A.; Dunphy, N.; Harris, C.; Mullally, G.; Lennon, B.; Gaffney, C. (2020) “Beyond forecasting: using a modified Delphi Method to build upon participatory action research in developing principles for a just and inclusive energy transition.” International Journal of Qualitative Methods
Byrne, L., O’Connell, C. and O’Sullivan, S. (2020) ‘Rap and political participation: using rap as a creative method in research with children and young people’, Young, 28(1): 50-68.
O'Sullivan, S., O'Connell, C., and Byrne, L. (2020) '“Listen to What We Have to Say”: Children and Young People’s Perspectives on Urban Regeneration'. Social Inclusion, 8 (3):77-87.
O'Donovan, Ó. (2020) 'Wax moulages and the pastpresence work of the dead', Science, Technology, & Human Values. 
Forde, C. (2020) ‘Participatory governance in Ireland: Institutional innovation and the quest for joined-up thinking’, Administration, 68: 3.
Lynch, H., Moore, A., Edwards, C., Horgan, L. (2019) 'Advancing play participation for all: The challenge of addressing play diversity and inclusion in community parks and playgrounds', British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 
Burns, K., Christie, A., and O’Sullivan, S. (2019) ‘Findings from a longitudinal qualitative study of child protection social workers’ retention: job embeddedness, professional confidence and staying narratives’, The British Journal of Social Work
Lennon B, Dunphy NP, Sanvicente E (2019) 'Community acceptability and the energy transition: a citizens perspective', Energy, Sustainability and Society, 9: 35. doi: 10.1186/s13705-019-0218-z
Lennon, B., Dunphy, N., Gaffney, C., Revez, A., Mullally, G., and O’Connor, P. (2019) 'Citizen or consumer? Reconsidering energy citizenship', Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, DOI: 10.1080/1523908X.2019.1680277

Lulle, A., Coakley, L, Mac Éinrí, P. (2019) ‘Overcoming “Crisis”: Mobility Capabilities and “stretching” a Migrant Identity among Young Irish in London and Return Migrants’ International Migration

McGarry O., Krisjane Z., Sechi G., MacÉinrí P., Berzins M., Apsite-Berina E. (2019) Human capital and life satisfaction among circular migrants: an analysis of extended mobility in Europe, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2019.1679421
Maxwell, N., Connolly, L., Ní Laoire, C. (2019) 'Informality, emotion and gendered career paths: The hidden toll of maternity leave on female academics and researchers'. Gender Work and Organizations 26(2): 140-157.
Axon, S., Morrissey, J., Aiesha, R., Hillman, J., Revez, A., Lennon, B., Salel, M., Dunphy, N. and Boo, E. (2018) 'The human factor: classification of European community-based behaviour change initiatives', Journal of Cleaner Production, 182: 567-586    
Lamponen, T., Pösö, T. and Burns, K. (2018) 'Children in immediate danger: emergency removals in Finnish and Irish child protection', Child and Family Social Work, December 2018: 1-8.
Lynch, H., Moore, A., and Prellwitz, M. (2018) ‘From policy to play provision: universal design and the challenge of inclusive play’, Children, Youth and Environments, 28 (2):12-34.
Mullally, G., Dunphy, N.P. and O’Connor, P. (2018). ‘Participative environmental policy integration in the Irish energy sector’, Environmental Science and Policy, 83: 71– 78. 
Horgan, D., Forde, C., Martin, S. and Parkes, A. (2017) 'Children’s participation: moving from the performative to the social', Children’s Geographies, 15(3): 274 288. DOI:
Kitching, K. (2017): ‘A thousand tiny pluralities: children becoming-other than the requirements of post secular neoliberal policy recognition’, Critical Studies in Education, 61:2, 133-148. DOI:
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Edwards, C., Harold, G. and Kilcommins, S. (2015) ‘“Show me a justice system that's open, transparent, accessible and inclusive”: barriers to access in the criminal justice system for people with disabilities as victims of crime', Irish Journal of Legal Studies, 5 (1): 86-105.
O’Grada, A., Ni Laoire, C., Linehan, C., Boylan, G. and Connolly, L. (2015) ‘Naming the parts: a case-study of a gender equality initiative with academic women’, Gender in Management: An International Journal, 30(5): 358–378.
Edwards, C. (2014) 'Pathologising the victim: law and the construction of people with disabilities as victims of crime in Ireland', Disability & Society, 29: 685-698.
Powell, F., Geoghegan, M., Scanlon, M. and Swirak, K (2013) 'The Irish charity myth, child abuse and human rights: contextualising the Ryan Report into care institutions', British Journal of Social Work, 43: 7-23.
Scanlon, M., Powell, F., Geoghegan, M. and Swirak, K (2011) ‘Targeted Youth Work in Contemporary Ireland’, Youth Studies Ireland, 6(1): 1-17.

Books & Book Chapters

Publication Details
Edwards, C. (2021) 'Un/safety as placemaking: disabled people's socio-spatial negotiation of fear of violent crime (FOVC)', in: C. Courage, T. Borrup, M. Rosario Jackson, K. Legge, A. Mckeown, L. Platt and J. Schupbach (eds). The Routledge Handbook of Placemaking. London: Routledge. 
Forde, C. (2020) ‘Community Development, Policy Change and Austerity in Ireland’ in S. Todd and J. Drolet (eds) Community Practice and Social Development in Social Work. New York: Springer Nature. DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-6969-8_18
Prellwitz, M. and Lynch, H. (2018) ‘Universal design for social inclusion: playgrounds for all’, in: M. Twomey and C. Carroll (eds.) Seen and Heard: Exploring Participation, Engagement and Voice for Children with Disabilities. Oxford: Peter Lang. 
Day, M. R., McCarthy, G. and Fitzpatrick, J. (eds.)(2017) Self-Neglect in Older Adults: A Global, Evidence-Based Resource for Nurses and Other Healthcare Providers. New York: Springer. 
Powell, F. and Scanlon, M. (2015) Dark Secrets of Childhood: Media Power, Child Abuse and Public Scandals. Bristol: Policy Press. 
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Powell F., Geoghegan, M., Scanlon, M. and Swirak, K. (2012) 'Child outcasts: the Ryan Report into industrial and reformatory schools', in D. Lynch and K. Burns (eds.) Children's Rights and Child Protection: Critical Times, Critical Issues in Ireland. Manchester: Manchester University Press.


Publication Details
Pierce, M., Hughes, Z., O’ Sullivan, L. & Kelleher, C. (2021) A Review of the National Carers’ Strategy (2012): How Relevant are the Actions in 2021 and for the Future? Dublin: Care Alliance Ireland and the Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century, University College Cork.
Edwards, C. and Maxwell, N. (2019) Towards Safe(r) Space: Disability and Everyday Spaces of Un/safety and Hostility in Ireland. Cork: University College Cork.
Kiely, E. and Bolton, R. (2018) Unmarried Fathers in Ireland: An Examination of the Barriers to Shared Parenting. Dublin: Treoir. 
Lynch, H., Moore, A., Edwards, C. and Horgan, L. (2018) Community Parks and Playgrounds: Intergenerational Participation through Universal Design. Dublin: National Disability Authority. 
Lyons, N. and Halton, C. (2017)(eds.) Learning over Time: How Professionals Learn, Know and Use Knowledge. Dublin: NAIRTL. 
Kelleher, C. and O’Riordan, J. (2017) Post-Caregiving: Family Carers’ Experiences of Cessation of the Caring Role – Implications for Policy and Practice. Cork: ISS21, University College Cork. 
O’Riordan, J. and Kelleher, C. (2016) A Fine Balance: Mental Health and Family Caring. Cork: University College Cork. 
Martin, S., Forde, C., Dunn Galvin, A. and O'Connell, A. (2015) An Examination of Young People’s Views on the Impact of Participation in Decision-making. Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs. 
O'Connell, C., O'Sullivan, S, and Byrne, L. (2015) Children's Voices in Housing Estate Regeneration. Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs. 
Horgan, D., Forde, C. Martin, S., Parkes, A., O'Connell, A. (2015) Seen and Not Heard: Children and Young People's Experiences of Participation in the Home, School and Community. Dublin: Department of Children and Youth Affairs
Forde, C., O'Byrne, D., O'Connor, R., O hAdhmaill, F., and Power, C. (2015) The Changing Landscape of Local and Community Development in Ireland: Policy and Practice. Cork: ISS21, University College Cork. 
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Bantry White, E., Ni Laoire, C., Wills, T., O'Connor, E., Cusack, S. & Huan, Y. (2011) Age, Income and Food in Ireland: A study of the Socio-Economic Influences of Food Expenditure Amongst Community-Dwelling Older People in Ireland. Belfast: Centre for Ageing Research and Developments in Ireland. 
Powell, F., Geoghegan, M., Scanlon, M. and Swirak, K. (2010) Working With Young People: A National Study of Youth Work Provision and Policy in Contemporary Ireland. Cork: ISS21, UCC.

Periodicals & Media Outputs


O'Mullane, M. and Cahill, D. (2021) ‘How to turn Cork into a healthy city’, RTE Brainstorm, 12 July 2021.
Edwards, C. and Bolton, R. (2021) ‘The role of young masculinities in men's violence against women’, RTE Brainstorm, 16 March 2021.
O'Connor, M. and Harold, G. (2021) ‘A Milestone for Access for Deaf Irish Sign Language Users', The Ahead Journal: A Review of Inclusive Education & Employment Practices, Issue 12.
Fathi, M. (2020) 'Young Migrants’ Home in Ireland', ViewFinder Magazine (Special Issue on Home). 116:
Edwards, C. (2020) 'The experiences of people with disabilities show we need a new understanding of urban safety', The Conversation, 20 February. 
Edwards, C. and Maxwell, N. (2019) ‘Why debates about hate crime need to pay attention to disability’, RTE Brainstorm, 5 December.
Lennon, B. (2018) ‘How bike sharing schemes help transform our cities’, RTÉ Brainstorm, 30 May.
Lennon, B. (2018) ‘How sound helps us to visualise our environment’, RTÉ Brainstorm, 4 July.
Roche, B. (2017) ‘New equality initiative at UCC aims for gender ratio of 60:40’, The Irish Times, 1 February.
Mac Éinrí, P. (2016) ‘Are Ireland’s post-crash emigrants likely to return?’, The Irish Times, 4 July.
Baker, N. (2015) ‘Secular pupils feel left out in Church’s schools’, Irish Examiner, 30 June 2015.
RTE DriveTime, 13th April 2015, Dr Conor O'Mahony discussed the findings of ‘Child care proceedings in the District Court’ project. 

Guidance Documents & Tools

Harold, G. (2021) Providing Access for Deaf Irish Sign Language Users: Guidance for Public Bodies. Available here
GENOVATE Tools - a set of tools for supporting the implementation of gender equality actions developed through the GENOVATE project.

Conferences & Events

O’Mullane, M. (2021), ‘Exploring the Institutional Response to a Gender Equality Programme (Athena SWAN) in Irish Higher Education,’ (Stream # 40 'Gender and Power in Higher Education'). Gender, Work and Organization Virtual Conference, Kent, UK, 2nd July 2021.
O’Mullane, M. (2021) ‘Exploring the Discourses of Actors Working to Institutionalise the Athena SWAN Charter in the Academy’, (part of the panel ‘The Caring University’) Sociological Association of Ireland Annual Virtual Conference, 7th May 2021.
O'Mullane, M. (2021), ‘Maintaining, Challenging or Disrupting the Status Quo? Exploring the Institutional Response to a Gender Equality Programme (Athena SWAN) in one Irish University’, Gender Equality Certification: Lessons Learnt and Future Developments, Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice, Oxford Brookes University, 25th February 2021.
Edwards, C.and Maxwell, N. (2020) 'Garda Responses to People with Disabilities: Everyday Geographies of Safety and Unsafety', [Invited Oral Presentation], National Disability Authority Conference 2020, Dublin, 21 October 2020.
Maier, R., Horgan, D., O'Riordan, J. and Martin, S. (2020) 'Mapping the Integration of Migrant and Refugee Children: Co-creating Indicators of Integration', Opening Up Education: Options, Obstacles and Opportunities - Educational Studies Association of Ireland (ESAI) Conference 2020 (Online), 3-5 September.
Maxwell, N., Connolly, L., Ní Laoire, C. (2019) ‘Gender, precarity and maternity leave in academia – a double/treble vulnerability?’, paper presented at Precarious Work and Gender Inequality in Higher Education: Researching for Change Symposium, University College Cork, 16 May 2019.
Forde, C. (2019) 'Participatory Local Governance in Ireland: Challenges and Issues', Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research, 5 September, Wroclaw, Poland.
Gaffney, C., Ní Laoire, C., and Linehan, C. (2019) 'Implementing and integrating gender equality into responsible research and innovation (RRI)', Gender Studies and Research in 2019: Centenary Achievements and Perspectives, Vilnius Lithuania , 21-23 November, 2019.
O'Donovan, Ó. (2019) 'Living Well with the Dead - The pastpresence work of wax moulages', Death, Dying and Disposal. 14th International Conference on the Social Context of Death, Dying and Disposal, University of Bath, 4-7 September 2019.
Martin, S. and O’Riordan, J. Horgan, D. and Maier, R. (2019) 'IMMERSE: Mapping the Educational Integration of Migrant and Refugee Children in Europe: Co-creating Indicators of Integration', Unpacking the Challenges and Possibilities for Migration Governance - RESPOND Conference, Newham College, University of Cambridge, 17-19 October 2019.
Horgan, D. Martin, S. O’Riordan, J. and Maier, R. (2019) 'Facilitating the voice of migrant children: IMMERSE', Childrens Research Network Annual Conference, Trinity College Dublin , 4 December 2019.
O'Mullane, M. (2019) 'Why are There More Men in Senior Management?' presented as part of the Pint of Science Ireland Festival, Cork, 21st May 2019. Pint of Science is a global initiative which bring researchers into communities to talk about their research to a largely lay audience.
Cullinane, M. and Forde, C. (2018) ‘Community participation in local governance in the Republic of Ireland: between civil society and the state’, Fifty Years of Local Governance Conference, Annual Conference of the International Geographical Union Commission ‘Geography of Governance’, University of Lisbon, 4-5th September 2018. 
Cullinane, M. and Forde, C. (2018) ‘Delivering for democracy? State-led participation and the changing contexts of third sector governance in Ireland’, ISTR 13th International Conference, Free University of Amsterdam, 10-13th July 2018.
Dunphy, N.P. (2018). ‘Accounting for the human factor in the energy transition. Technology innovation: energy and buildings’, World Sustainable Energy Days Conference, Wels, Austria. 28 February - 2 March, 2018.
Dunphy N.P. (2018) Dialogues on power: energy citizen experiences at the interface of the energy transition. EUSEW panel: Learning from experience and involving energy-citizens; ways of improving energy-related policymaking. 7 June, 2018.
Dunphy N.P. (2018) ‘Understanding the human dimension of “energy consumers”’, invited speaker 10th EU Citizens' Energy Forum  Dublin, Ireland. 20-21 September.
Edwards, C. and Maxwell, N. (2018) ‘Reframing “vulnerable” identities: disabled people negotiating un/safety in the city’, New Urban Identities: An International Conference of the ‘Cross-Disciplinary Urban Space’ Network, University of Florence, Italy, 19–20 June 2018.
Edwards, C. and Maxwell, N. (2018) ‘Disability, hostility and the relational geographies of un/safety’, Conference of Irish Geographers, Maynooth University, 10 – 12th May 2018.
Kelleher, C. and O’ Loughlin, D. (2018) ‘Who cares? Family value co-creation in healthcare systems’, Frontiers in Service Conference, Austin, Texas, 6-9 Sept., 2018.
Kelleher, C. and O' Loughlin, D. (2018) ‘Blood is thicker than water: Family value co-creation in healthcare service ecosystems’, 15th International Research Conference in Service Management, La Londe les Maures, France, 10-13 June, 2018.
Lynch, H., Moore, A., Edwards, C., & Horgan, L. (2018). ‘Restoration in outdoors: open spaces for play and leisure restoration in urban communities’, Society for the Study of Occupation Annual Conference Lexington, Kentucky, USA.
Lynch, H., Moore. A., Edwards, C. & Horgan, L. (2018) ‘Designing for social inclusion: exploring a Universal Design approach in urban playgrounds’, 9th Child in the City World Conference, Vienna, Austria, 24-26 Sept., 2018.
Lynch, H., Moore, A., Edwards, C., & Horgan, L. (2018) 'Community Parks and Playgrounds: Intergenerational Participation through Universal Design' UDHEIT Conference Dublin, Ireland, , 30 Oct-02 Nov., 2018.
Maxwell, N., Connolly, L. and Ní Laoire, C. (2018) ‘Informality, emotion and gendered career pathways: the hidden toll of maternity leave on female academics and researchers’, Gender Equality in Higher Education International Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 20-22nd August 2018.
Maxwell, N. and Edwards, C. (2018) ‘Spatial legalities of disablist violence and hostility: exploring the case of hate crime in Ireland’CeDR18 Lancaster Disability Studies Conference, Lancaster University, 11–13 Sept 2018.
Ní Laoire, C., Linehan, C., Archibong, U,  Picardi, I. and Udén, M. (2018) ‘Context matters! Context sensitivity in developing gender equality action plans in universities’. Gender Equality in Higher Education International Conference, Trinity College Dublin, 20-22nd August 2018.
Burns, K., Shore, C., O'Mahony, C. and Parkes, A. (2017) ‘The interaction between law and social work’. [Keynote Speaker], Department of Children and Youth Affairs, Child Care Act 1991 – Open Policy Debate, Dublin Castle, 5 September, 2017. 
Coakley, L. and Mac Éinrí, P. (2017) ‘Youth mobilities and migration: case studies from Ireland’, Migration, Diversity and the City, 14th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Rotterdam 28-30th June 2017. 
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Edwards, C. (2017) ‘Geographies of disability, hostility and (un)safety: rethinking safe(r) space in Ireland’, Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference, London, 29 Aug.- 1 Sept. 2017. 
Edwards, C. (2017) ‘Conceptualising geographies of disability, hostility and (un)safety: re-thinking safe(r) space in Ireland’, Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual International Conference, London, 30 Aug. – 1st Sept. 2017.
Edwards, C. (2017) Embodied geographies of (un)safety: disability, hate and the city, Urban Space and the Body Conference, UCC, 9-JUN-17 – 10-JUN-17.
Kelleher, C., O’Sullivan, L., Back, S.A. and O’Mahoney, P. (2017) ‘Post-Caregiving: family carers’ experiences of role and identity transition on cessation of the caring role’, 7th International Carers Conference, Adelaide, Australia, 4-6 Oct. 2017.
Kiely, E. (2017) ‘Children’s bodies in urban spaces and parental “sexualisation of risk anxieties”’, Urban Space and the Body Conference - an International Conference of the Cross-Disciplinary Urban Space Network, University College Cork, 9-10 June 2017.
Kitching, K. (2017) ‘Parents navigating the moral norms of schooling: education (re)production and alternative futures’, European Conference on Educational Research, University College Copenhagen, Denmark, 21-25 Aug. 2017.
O’Connor, R. and Rylands, M., (2017) ‘Rural development in Ireland: an overview of strategies to revitalise rural areas post-Famine period – 2017’, Disruptions and Transgressions: 49th Conference of Irish Geographers, UCC, 4-6 May 2017.


ISS21 Director, Dr Claire Edwards, was awarded the UCC Staff Recognition Award for Leadership, 2020.
The ISS21-affiliated Living Well With The Dead In Contemporary Ireland project was awarded the UCC Research Team of the Year, 2019.
Dr Carol Kelleher received the Early Stage Researcher of the Year Award in 2019. Dr. Kelleher has led several ISS21-affiliated projects and is co-convenor of the CARE21 Research Cluster. 
The ISS21 GENOVATE project received the UCC Research Team of the Year award, 2017.
Niall Dunphy, leader of the ISS21-affiliated ENTRUST consortium, received a UCC Staff Recognition Award for Leadership in 2016.
The UCC Research Team of the Year was awarded to Child Care Proceedings in the District Court (team from ISS21, Applied Social Studies and Law), 2016.
The ISS21-affiliated Émigré research team won the runner-up prize at the UCC-Pfizer Innovation through Teamwork awards, 2014.



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