Time Frame

Research Time frame

The first stage of the research took part in 2007/2008. All the people who took part to the first stage helped greatly to notice themes and topics to explore further. 

In the next stage of the research, I will be still looking for more participants while continuing the on-line dialog with the people I got to know so far. While some important themes have already emerged during the first stage, I will now start gathering data in a systematic way that will hopefully lead to a meaningful analysis. The on-line conversations ended in Summer ’08. The participants were then encouraged to read a copy of the drafted analysis and gave some essential input and suggestions about it. I took any suggestion very seriously as the process of “comparing notes” was a very important step for the research, which is based on cooperative enquiry.

2010 will be dedicated to the Virtual Ethnographic stage of the study. I am exploring social networks (mainly Facebook) and blogs, looking for narrative and experiences. You can find updates on the current stage on the blog In Search of a Common Language





In Search of a Common Language

Maria Di Renzo-Buckley, Applied Psychology