Participants need to be over 18 and will be asked for explicit consent via email (a consent form will be posted). Personal data and details about the participants will not be disclosed and communicated externally unless there is an explicit consent (in written form) from the participant who provided the data.

Participants have the right to remain anonymous. Their names will be changed to fictitious ones (nicknames) and any situation that might disclose personal details will be omitted or changed with a fictitious equivalent.
Participants have the unconditional right to withdrawal from the on-line conversation and/or the research in any moment, up to the time the written thesis is published. I will keep the participants updated on the ongoing status of the research and informed about the date of publication.

The on-line conversations are meant to be informal, stress-free and open to any input form the participants. In case of any distress, the participants will be briefed by the researcher and redirected to professional help and support.

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