Language and Discourse

A quick note to explain the aim of the research

I understand that the methodology and aims of this research might results somehow unusual, especially if you're used to questionnaires, fixed questions, clinical observation and the medical model of questioning. This research does not involve questionnaires, nor it wishes to explore the cognitive and medical side of ASD and AS (there is already plenty of literature on this side).

This research is interested in language, specifically in the way language is used in on-line communication. On-line communication consists of written text, therefore this research focuses on the written communication in virtual environments. Writing is something that Asperger and ASD people do quite well.

All I require from the participants is non-academic, informal conversations in the form of on-line chats. I will later try to analyze those lines of text, behind and beyond which I expect to find miles of unexplored fields.
I am just asking you to talk to me, to talk with me. My personal involvement with Asperger and ASD brings me to be more than an observer. I cannot possibly leave my experience out of this research.
Nothing else then, nothing structured, nothing subliminal. Only language.

My role, as a researcher, will be essentially the one of a reader. Later, hopefully, the one of a translator. In search, of course, of a common language between real and virtual world, of a better understanding of the discourse you are offering me with your chats.
I hope this helped.


In Search of a Common Language

Maria Di Renzo-Buckley, Applied Psychology