How it is going to happen

How it is going to happen

The first stage of the research was mainly based on synchronous communication (chat rooms/MS Messenger) but it is going to expand and include other forms of written narrative on the net (websites and blogs) and asynchronous communication (e-mails and forums). The second (and current) stage of the research is focused on on-line narratives and experiences in Computer-Mediated Communication, expressed through social networks and blogs Whoever wishes to participate (because you have a very interesting blog or simply something to say) can contact me via email at and You can also find me on Facebook as Martina Di Renzo.

Useful inputs

Inputs for this research will be welcomed from any participant. I am currently looking for participants and any member of the Asperger/ASD community is welcome to contact me.

Every participant will be an active participant and I will be asking for an active input and help in defining areas and topics of conversation.

This research consists of on-line conversations that will be stored for analysis. The current stage includes analysis of blogs and Facebook groups/discussions and personal pages. Participants will have access to the conversation files and data collected anytime they wish to by sending me an email of request. Finalized material and writings relative to the research will be published on the website as they become available and will be fully accessible by the participants. Any personal detail relative to the participants will be omitted in order to preserve anonymity.

In Search of a Common Language

Maria Di Renzo-Buckley, Applied Psychology