Research IT Support

IT support for researchers

IT support for researchers

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Research IT Support

Summary: Software and systems for research projects and individual researchers, including postgraduate research.

Primary users of this service: Researchers, Staff, Student

Who to contact to use this service: Peter Flynn | E: | T: +353 21 490 2609 | IT Services |

Contact to discuss this service: Peter Flynn | E: | T: +353 21 490 2609 | IT Services |

Strategic Focus: Research, Staff Experience, Student Experience, Teaching & Learning

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Description of the Service

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Research IT is supported by a collection of permanent services as well as advice and experimental or ad hoc services.

For research projects:

  • Web sites for publicising existence and progress
  • Mailing lists for communication between researchers and partners
  • Cloud services for information storage
  • Research blogs (Wordpress)

For individual researchers:

For testing:

  • Experimental services can be installed for limited duration, depending on the hardware and software required
  • Research software advice and location

Information Services

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