Mailing lists

Mailing lists

Summary: IT Services manages a large number of college-wide mailing lists using LISTSERV. New lists can be created by filling in a form. These lists are completely separate from those maintained within Microsoft Exchange.

Primary users of this service: Staff, Researchers, Student

Who to contact to use this service: UCC Webmaster | E: | IT Services |

Contact to discuss this service: UCC Webmaster | E: | IT Services |

Strategic Focus: Enabling Infrastructure Services, Research

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Description of the Service

Mailing lists are a tool for group communication. A message sent to a mailing list gets redistributed to everyone subscribed to that list. A mailing list can be set up in one of two ways:

  • for discussion, where any subscriber can send a message, and replies get distributed to everyone on the list (the default)
  • for announcements, where a restricted set of addresses can send messages, and replies go back to the original sender, not to the list (subscribers cannot send messages to announcement lists)

You can always use a discussion list to announce stuff, but you can never use an announcement list to discuss stuff.

LISTSERV was developed in 1984–86 on BITNET, and has been used in UCC since the early 1990s. It is now a commercial product supplied by L-Soft, Inc.

Anyone in UCC can apply to have a list created (use the form), for UCC business, research, academic, or social use. While the primary List Owner must be in UCC, subscribers to lists may be from anywhere.

LISTSERV provides settings to let an owner set up a list to act as a discussion list or a announcement list, with or without keeping an archive of messages; and lists can allow or deny attachments.

Creating a mailing list

Use the request form to request a new list (only accessible from within UCC). All lists must have at least one named UCC owner (you).

If this is your first time using UCC's LISTSERV, you will need to register as an owner (you can do this now or later when your list is created).

Details of how to join, leave, and manage your lists will be sent to you when your list is set up.

If you want to run a list with wider (national or international) application, especially where a UCC address would be inappropriate, please use the HEAnet LISTSERV. Contact the Electronic Publishing Unit for more information about how to fill in their form.

The ALLSTUDENTS list and the SURVEYS list


The ALLSTUDENTS mailing list can be used to announce important stuff to all students, but the email must come from one of a restricted set of addresses.

  1. Surveys must not be posted to the ALLSTUDENTS list: see below for special provisions for surveys.
  2. Be aware that a student can unsubscribe from the ALLSTUDENTS list, so it does not guarantee to cover literally all students.
  3. Currently (Oct 2017) the only people allowed to send messages to this list are:
  • Deputy President of the Student Union
  • Disability Support Service
  • Exams Office
  • Finance Office
  • Head of College of Business and Law
  • Head of Student Experience
  • IT Services
  • Michael Byrne, Registrar's Office
  • Registrar
  • Smartcard Office
  • Student Clubs President
  • Student IT Office
  • Student Societies President
  • Student Union President
  • UCC Library
  • UCC President
  • UMAIL Moderator
  • Vice-President for Academic Affairs
  • Vice-President for Teaching and Learning

If you feel you need to announce something to this list, you must seek the cooperation of one of the above to do it for you and send it from their address, not yours. If you believe you should be added to this list, contact the List Owner.


 If you want to send a survey to all students, send it to Surveys sent to the ALLSTUDENTS list will be rejected. The survey list is not a LISTSERV list; it's an internal Gmail list. IF you have problems with the list address, please contact SIT.


Joining Lists

To join (subscribe to) a mailing list via the web interface to LISTSERV:

  1. make sure you have set yourself a LISTSERV password
  2. log in to the LISTSERV web site
  3. click on the list you want to join
  4. click on the link that says "Join or leave"

You can also subscribe to a list by email (quicker):

(replacing listname with the name of the list you want to join -- see the List of Lists).

If you have problems with a list:

(replacing listname with the name of the list -- see the List of Lists).

Leaving a List

To leave (unsubscribe from) a mailing list:

  1. make sure you have set yourself a LISTSERV password
  2. log in to the LISTSERV web site
  3. click on the list you want to leave
  4. click on the link that says "Join or leave".

You can also unsubscribe from a list by email (quicker):

(replacing listname with the name of the list you want to leave -- see the List of Lists).

If you have problems with a list:

(replacing listname with the name of the list -- see the List of Lists).

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