AIP - Protect in place

Protect a file on your PC using the AIP/RMS application

When you protect a file in-place, it replaces the original, unprotected file.You can then leave the file where it is, copy it to another folder or device, or share the folder that it is in and the file will remain protected.

You could also attach the protected file to an email message, see this guide.


  1. On your PC, select a file to protect. Right-click, select Protect with RMS, and then select Protect in-place. For example:Protect in-place menu option
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select a policy template: These are predefined permissions that typically restrict access and usage to people in your organization. For example, UCC - Confidential View Only. If this is the first time you have protected a file on this computer, you will first need to select Company-defined Protection to download the templates.

      The next time you click the Protect in-place option, you will see up to 10 templates to choose from. If there are more than 10 templates available and the one you want isn’t displayed, click Company-defined Protection to download and see all the templates.

      When you select a policy template, you can also protect multiple files and a folder. When you select a folder, all the files in that folder are automatically selected for protection but new files that you create in that folder will not be automatically protected.

  3. Select Custom Permissions: Choose this option if the templates don’t provide the level of protection that you need or you want to explicitly set the protection options yourself. Specify the options that you want for this file in the add protection dialog box, and then click Apply.

    You might quickly see a dialog box to tell you that the file is being protected, and the focus then returns to File Explorer. The selected file or files are now protected. In some cases the original file in File Explorer is replaced with a new file that has the Rights Management protection lock icon.

    For example
    Protected file with lock icon for the RMS sharing application

If you change your mind about the permissions or later need to modify them, simply protect the file again.

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