Group Calendar

How to Setup a Group Calendar

1. Go to and logon using your email addressand password.

2. Click on the People tab.

Click on People tab

3. Click on New and Select Group.

Click on New and Select Group

4. Select Professional Learning Community by clicking Next.

Select Professional Learning Community

5. Enter in a name and description of group. Select Private group. Tick Send Copies of all group messages and events to member's inboxes. Click Create.

Edit Details and Click Create

6. Enter email address to add members to the group. Then click Add.

Add Members

7. Your new group will appear on the left hand side, click on the calendar tab on the top bar to view your group calendar.

Click on Calendar tab to view Group Calendar

8. Your calendar is now ready to use.

Your calendar is now ready to use

9. To add or remove members to your calendar click on members in the right hand corner.

Click on Members to add or remove

10. Then to add a member click on Add members.

Add Members

11. To remove a member click on the 3 dots after a members name and select Remove from group.

Remove Members

You can now set up meetings in your Group Calendar.  Please see our guide on adding and responding to group calendar invites.



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