Grant Delegate Access to Private Items in Outlook Client

Grant Delegate Access to Private Items in Outlook Client

1. Open Outlook on your PC

2. Click the File tab.

3. Click Account Settings

4. Click Delegate Access

Set user up as a delegate to send on behalf of the mailbox owner

5. Click the name of the delegate for whom you want to change access to your private appointments,

    in this example Joe Blogs, and then click Permissions.

 Select delegate user from list of delegates

5. Select Delegate can see my private items check box.

6. Click Ok

Check the Delegate can see my private item check box




This setting affects all Exchange folders. This includes all Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks,

Notes, and Journal folders. There is no way to grant access to private items in only specified



Click Delegate Permission Levels for more information on Permission Levels in Outlook.


For Mac Users:  Please click here to learn how to Add and Manage delegates in Outlook 2016 for Mac


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