Folder Sharing in Outlook Client

Folder Sharing in Outlook Client

Folder sharing enables another person to access one of your folders, perhaps while you are on vacation. However, it does not include permissions for one to act on behalf of the other. For example, a person who can access your folders cannot reply to email messages or respond to meeting requests for you.

Follow these instructions to share an Outlook Folder with another user in Outlook client:

1. Open Outlook on you PC

2. Righ-click the root folder of the Exchange mailbox - in this example demo mailbox training

Folder Sharing Demo Mailbox

3. Click on Data File Properties

Data File Properties

4. Click on Permissions Tab

Permissions Tab

5.  If the Assistant does not already have access to the mailbox, the click Add

     to add the name of the assistant, and select the username of the assistant

     from Exchange Global Address Book.

Search for username in Global Address List

6. Select the Name of the assistant and under Permissions, under Other, select the

    Folder Visible check box and click OK

Check box Folder Visible to allow user to view your Folder Items


For Mac Users: Click here to learn more about Sharing a Folder in Outlook on a Mac PC/Laptop.

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