EOL-UCC Email on Android

How do I configure Mail my Android Phone/Tablet?

  • Go to your Applications folder, and Open up email - note icon will vary from device to device


  • Click on Manual Setup


  • Click on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.


  • Under your domain\username, enter your UCC email address and UCC password
  • Under Exchange Server put outlook.office365.com 
  • Click Next

How do I configure Mail my Android Phone/Tablet

  • Click OK to prompt about security features.


  • Specify what you want to sync and how often you want to sync it. 
    • You can set sync to never - this allows you to choose to sync only when you open the application. 
    • Syncing your calendar will enable you to access your work appointments on the phones calendar application. Reminders should ping to the phone.


  • Change the Account name to UCC or similar if required.


  • Click activate for the security features.


Note: You will have to enable a pin to access your phone in order to configure your work email. 


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