Secure Online Assessment

Secure Online Assessment

Traditional classroom teaching is now delivered and enhanced using technology and creating demands for further student participation.Courses and lecture supplementary material are now provided on the VLE.Similarly many tutorials and discussion groups are conducted online where participants or mentors may be geographically distant from their audience.Assignment submissions are increasingly moving also to an online media via the VLE.In response to the wide interest within the academic community in how technology can be used to support assessment the Learning Technologies Unit undertook a study of the various providers of secure online assessment systems now used in universities worldwide.In continuing this research, it is intended to open up this debate amongst the UCC academic community.

Key factors in implementing such a robust and cost-effective system with capacity for future expansion should the need arise will be flexibility in assessment design with as wide a choice as possible of question types to cater for all pedagogical needs.A strategy will be developed whereby the implementation of online assessment will be integrated with institutional assessment practice.Automatic marking and statistical analysis of these tests should prove time-efficient allowing staff to focus on other tasks.

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