Classroom Tools

Classroom Tools

  • Real-time Imaging: The Learning Technologies Unit investigated a number of technology options for the creation of a complete technology integrated classroom in the Pathology Department of the Cork University Hospital (CUH).A study was carried out into the various microscopy solutions for digital transmission and analysis of traditional slides via a standard web browser.It was decided that the Nikon Coolscope , which combines the functions of a microscope and digital camera into a single compact unit best suited the requirements of the laboratory.The Coolscope can also be controlled remotely which opens up the possibilities for telepathology. It is hoped that this software solution encompassing a virtual microscope system and slide-digitisation facility may be replicated in other disciplines.
  • Remote Classroom Management: The LTU has been evaluating different remote classroom management software products, such as NetOp School and Aristoclass, which allow on-line interaction between a lecturer and his/her students.Students can be taught, monitored and assisted from the lecturer’s computer. Some of the facilities this software offers include: broadcasting of lecturer/student’s screen to each computer in the class simultaneously, distribution of tests at the click of a mouse and the ability to restrict access to particular websites or applications from the lecturer’s computer. The Pathology Department had the opportunity to use NetOp School and now have this facility integrated into their computer assisted learning laboratory.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: A 3M Wall Display unit is now in place in the Pathology lab, CUH.The 3M Wall Display is an interactive digital whiteboard with a built-in digital projector and various software capabilities. The LTU are currently looking at the effectiveness of interactive whiteboards in the classroom by comparing the 3M Wall Display with the low-cost portable mimio, and mid-priced ACTIVboard currently in use by the Geology Department, UCC.
  • Videoconferencing as a Teaching Tool: As part of the Support for Teaching and Learning Seminar Series the LTU conducted a three-way video-conference between two on-campus sites and NUI Galway.This seminar was very well attended and generated a lot of interest from various departments looking to explore the application of this medium to the area of teaching.

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