The two photos above were taken at Ross Castle in Killarney. We made a quick stop here on the way to Dingle. I loved sitting at the edge of the castle looking out across the water at the mountains.

Pictured above is the town of Dingle. It was a small, cute little town located right on a harbor with little shops and restaurants. Since it is right on the water the fish and chips were out of this world; definitely the best fish and chips I’ve had in Ireland were from Dingle! The Dingle Harbor has a little friend, a dolphin named Fungie. This statue of Fungie is located right by the harbor. You can also sign up for a boat tour around the harbor to see Fungie.

Made it to the Dingle Peninsula! Pictures really don’t give this place the justice it deserves. Hiking up this mountain and looking out over the Dingle Peninsula was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. We lucked out with the weather as well, no rain and clear skies made the view breathtaking. Pictured: hiking up the mountain edge, some solo shots of myself with the amazing view, and two of my fellow saints who I did the trip with.

After hiking down the mountain we went to a secluded beach hidden by the mountains. This beach was spectacular. A local man was there with his grandchildren and he told us that we should take our shoes off and stand in the water…there is gold quartz in the water and it will enter your body through the wet sand on the bottoms of your feet, filling your body with natural energy. All I know is that water was freezing! Aside from the chilly water this beach was so peaceful; I could have spent the entire day sitting on a rock and watching the waves roll onto the beach.

Lily 13

Careful on the way down, that mountain was muddy and slippery!!!!