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Survival Tips For Students from Returned Erasmus Students:

  • At the start the language can pose problems and it is frustrating when you cannot express yourself. Give yourself a few months to get into things.
  • Make sure that you know to what extent your attendance will affect your final mark. If it is an important factor in that mark, make sure the lecturer knows who you are and that you are present.
  • The workload will not be heavy provided you keep up your reading, as at home. It is important that you pass all your modules as otherwise administrative complications will occur.
  • Generally speaking the university residences are not very accommodating places at first. Do not expect luxury. It is worthwhile remembering, however, that although not always well-equipped, somewhat noisy and not very clean, the residences are usually situated near to the university and living in one is an excellent opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Rent is low and you will rarely be lonely.
  • Check out how much is provided in the accommodation before you arrive, for example bed linen, pillows etc.
  • Be patient and persistent, as you must often take a more assertive attitude with bureaucracy in other countries - particularly in France and Italy. Don't worry if they are impatient to the point of rudeness with you - it is not personal, that is just the way things are done in other cultures. To make things a bit easier, make sure that you have a large amount of passport photographs with you at all times and get your birth certificate translated (this can be done at the Language Centre in the O'Rahilly Building). It may also be a good idea to get your Leaving Cert translated.
  • Be careful of your belongings and always lock your door behind you.
  • It may be a good idea to travel or get away for the holidays as few people stay in the residences during holidays and often also weekends.


Thanks to all the students for these recommendations

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  • Your rights as a mobile student: A Guide to the Rights of Mobile Students in the European Union.  Please click on the following link to download document: Your rights as a mobile student
  • Numbeo - provides information such as cost of lving, health care etc.
  • - assists members with finding accommodation 
  • Spain Erasmus - information for students visiting Spain
  • Just Landed - information for students studying abroad - housing, visas, health, education, culture and moving 
  • Erasmate S. E. - focues on international student-to-student housing for short term periods
  • CultureMee - practical cultural and travel advice
  • HousingAnyWhere - private accommodation organisation

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