Health & Travel Insurance

Outgoing Erasmus Study: Health & Travel Insurance

All students going abroad are advised to have comprehensive health and travel insurance policy. 


European Health Insurance Card 

Students will need the European Health Insurance Card which is obtainable from the relevant local health board.  The EHIC entitles holders to full medical treatment in any European Union country, for any condition, whether or not it is of an emergency nature.  

When applying for the EHIC you will need to present a letter from the International Education Office confirming your placement (this will be sent to your home address).  You will also be required to provide your PPS number.

Full information on the EHIC is available on the European Health Insurance Card website:


Private Health Insurance 

It is recommended that you take out some form of private health insurance policy to cover you while you are studying abroad.  You should not rely on the cover provided by the EHIC as this may be quite limited.  Public healthcare systems very from country to country, and few countries pay the full cost of healthcare for holders of the EHIC. 

If you are covered by your parents' private health insurance plan, you should confirm the actual level of cover you will have while abroad.  Make sure that you keep a recrod of any emergency numbers that they give you in case you have to make a claim.   


Travel Insurance 

Students are advised to secure private travel cover for the duration of the period abroad.  Just because you have emergency health insurance it does not mean you will be covered for the cost of repatriation, delayed or cancelled flights, loss of luggage or money while you travel.  Students should consult the web along with health insurance companies.

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