Exchanges outside the EU

Exchanges outside the EU

Exchanges outside the EU


The International Office assists students in preparing for the study period abroad.  Students will be provided with information regarding all aspects of studying abroad:

  • Choosing host university
  • Applying to host university
  • What next- After acceptance
  • Travel and Health insurance
  • Visa requirements
  • Registration
  • Approval of courses/examinations

Study abroad is open to students during the third year of a four-year degree programme.  Students may study abroad for a semester or for an academic year.  Students are advised to consult with their academic department/coordinator. 

The International Office will be your point of contact during your studies at UCC but most importantly during your period abroad.

Where can I Study

UCC Non-European exchange partner universities. 

List of UCC's non-EU partner universities (Clickable PDF)

  • Under each university listed above, you will see if it is an option for your particular degree. 
  • BComm students apply to the International Office however, students can click on the following link for specific information- Cubs study-abroad
  • Please note: If your degree includes a complusory year abroad, your UCC academic coordinator will be in contact with you in relation to your application. They may have different application process/deadlines to the information listed below under 'How do I apply' 


Also available: 

University of California Exchange Programme 

Click on the video below from UCEAP!

University of California- Start Your California Adventure

Under the terms of the agreement UCC undergraduate students spend a full academic year at one of nine University of California campuses.  Students receive a tuition fee waiver from the University of California.  Only students of high honours standard (usually first class honours) are selected to participate in the programme.  Please note that first year students are not eligible to apply.

Step 1: Apply to the International Office at UCC by November 18th, 2020 (Application for the University of California is below)

  • You can apply for the University of California and also submit an application for the other partners. 
  • You will only get one offer. 

Step 2: After review, the International Office will notify you of the outcome.

Step 3: If successful, you will be instructed to complete the University of California application. We will assist you with this. University of California's application deadline is February 1st

If successful, the University of California formal application will require you to list 3 destinations (detailed below) and they will place you in one campus.


Visiting Scholar Programme at the University of California

Post-first year PhD students may spend a term, semester or year at the University of California. Visiting scholars do not enrol in courses (although they can audit), but rather engage in research. The programme can be a good option for PhD students or junior faculty who primarily need access to archives and libraries etc., or who want to work with a particular scholar or research group. The visiting scholar must secure an invitation from a willing University of California professor and department. Students may apply to participate in the Visiting Scholar Programme at any time during the academic year. Please note that a 4-month lead-in is required for the application process to be completed.  Interested applicants should contact the International Office.


George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship

UCC students have the opportunity to spend an academic year at an institution in the University of Maine System.  Students must have completed at least one full year; have a record of high academic achievement and demonstrated leadership abilities and a commitment to community service in order to be eligible to apply.  Students who are immediate graduates of UCC are also eligible to apply for the scholarship.  

The successful candidates will receive remission of tuition and academic fees and free room and board.  

To apply, please see 'How do I apply?' below. 

How Do I Apply?

Students who are interested in studying abroad as part of their studies at UCC should follow the following steps:

  • Look at the list of UCC's partner universities
  • Check what courses are offered by the university
  • Speak with your UCC Academic Coordinator who will help you to determine if the university you are interested in is suited to your own studies.

To access the application form, please click on the application link relevant to you below. 

When you are emailing your application form to, please include your name, degree and UCC student number.  

Blank emails will not be accepted

If you are experiencing issues opening the application form, please email 

Step 1: Apply to the International Office at UCC by submitting the below form. Please see list of degrees below that apply directly to their Coordinator and not the International Office. Please email if you are unsure of which application process to follow. 

Step 2: After review, the International Office will notify you of the outcome (Approx. February 2021 onwards)

Step 3: If successful, you will be instructed to complete the host university application form.

  • Please note, for US universities, deadlines to apply to the host university can be as early as February or March. 
  • We will assist you with your application, however, you will need to discuss your module choices with your UCC Academic Coordinator
  • BEES Students: You must discuss studying abroad with the relevant department/school before submitting an application. 
  • Please note: If your degree includes a complusory year abroad, your UCC academic coordinator will be in contact with you in relation to your application. They may have different application process/deadlines to the information listed below under 'How do I apply' 
Application Form  Deadline to submit application   
University of California- Study Abroad Application Form 2021-2022 Closed All students 
University College Cork Student Exchange Application Form 2021-2022


Email should you have had issues reaching the deadline (2nd December, 2020)

All students

(Except for BA International (all), BA World Languages, BA Film and Screen Media, BComm (language), BCL, Epidemiology & Public Health- Your academic coordinator will provide you with information on their application process and deadlines) 

BEES students must apply at college level before submitting an application to the UCC International Office. Deadline 12th December, 2020 

BComm students: Deadline 16th December, 2020 

George J. Mitchell Peace Scholarship 2021-2022


Email should you have had issues reaching the deadline (11th, December, 2020)

All students 

What next? 

  • The International Office will review your application. 
  • If you are successful, we will email you offering you a place in one of our partner universities. 
  • If you accept the offer, we will nominate you to the host university. 
  • The host university will inform us of their decision followingg our nomination. 
  • If the nomination is accepted, they will then ask you to complete their application and upload supporting documents.
  • For US universities, from the time you are offered a place by UCC to submitting your application to the host university, the turnaround can be very tight due to their early deadlines. Please familiarize yourself with their application requirements as soon as you can to be prepared. 

Accomodation and Flights:

We do not advise that you book flights or accomodation until you have recieved your letter of acceptance from the host university. 

Estimated Cost of Living

Living abroad as an exchange student does not come free, and the costs vary from country to country, and according to the period of time you spend abroad.  While you are not charged for tuition at the host university, you will need to budget for flights, accommodation, food and other general expenses. 

Some countries are more expensive than others, as are some cities, and the extra expenditure involved will also depend on whether you are currently living at home.  If you are, you will find that accommodation will become a major cost. 

Calculate how much money you will need and plan for higher costs at the beginning. 

The International Office has provided an Estimated Cost of Living Guide. Information provided is based on information received from partner universities.

The International Office is currently updating the Estimated Cost of Living Guide to include cost information for each partner university.  This will be available in November.  In the meantime, students can search the information on the partner university website.

Health and Travel Insurance

All students going abroad are advised to have comprehensive health and travel insurance policy for the duration of the study period abroad.  Students must be covered for hospitalisation and repatriation.   Students should check the information received from the host university as many universities require students to sign up for the university insurance policy.   

Visa Requirements

Students travelling to countries outside the EU will require a study visa or study permit. 

The International Office will provide an information session regarding requirements. 

You cannot apply for your visa until you have received a letter of admission and visa documents from your host university. 

Academic Requirements

Please keep in close contact with your departmental coordinator regarding your courses when you are abroad. If you encounter any problems, it is important that you contact UCC immediately. 

Return of Examination Results from Host Institution 

Examination results from your study period abroad should be submitted to the International Office as soon as they are available.   

Important: Some institutions forward transcripts to UCC, others do not.  Please ensure that you are clear about the procedure at your host institution before you return to Ireland.  It is the responsibility of the student to prove that they have successfully achieved the required number of credits at their host institution.

Important Forms for Students

All students are required to return a number of forms to UCC during the semester/year abroad.  Email reminders will be sent to students during the academic year.

The International Office will email you with these forms prior to your departure along with further information. 

Contact Details Form 

We would appreciate if you would send us your contact details at your host city as soon as possible after arrival. You can either complete the Contact Details Form  or email Mary-Brid Murphy at

 Statement of Responsibility Form

This will be emailed to you prior to departure by Mary-Brid Murphy at

UCC study abroad student stories

James Roche, Semester 1, 2019 at North Carolina State University



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