Audit Committee

Audit Committee

The Governing Body established the University's Audit Committee which has written terms of reference outlining it's authority and duties.

The Audit Committee provides assurance to the Governing Body on the efficiency and effectiveness of the University's system of internal controls, risk management, financial management and value for money issues.

The Audit Committee report periodically to the Governing Body as required. In addition, the Committee submit an annual written report outlining how the members dischrged their duties during the University's financial year.

Audit Committee Members

  • Ms Gillian Keating, External Member of Governing Body (Chair)
  • Mr Colm Leen
  • Mr Maurice Moloney
  • Mr Niall Olden
  • Dr Beatrice Doran

Terms of Reference

An update of the Audit Committee Terms of Reference were presented and approved at the Goverrning Body meeting of November 2012.  The Audit Committee Terms of Reference are designed to establish the authority and duties of the UCC Audit Committee, a subcommittee of the UCC Governing Body.  For a copy of these Terms of Reference please refer to the website of the UCC Corporate Secretary or utilise the address on your web browser.

Internal Audit Office

An Oifig Inmheánach Iniúchóireachta

4 Carrigside, University College Cork, College Road, Cork