Ally for Students

What Does Ally Do for Students?

Ally allows students to download materials from Canvas module sites in various formats based on specific needs.

How to Use Ally

On any Canvas module site, students can download alternative formats of the resources added to the module. Any content with additional accessibility features will have a small symbol next to the file title. This symbol looks like a stretched letter A with a downward arrow. To download an alternative format, click the Ally symbol next to the attached file you want to access and choose an option from the menu. Only options suitable for that resource will display.

How Do I Know Which Format to Download?

While some students may have a clear understanding of which format types will benefit them the most, the following table will help those who are less clear on how the Ally feature may support them. Remember that when you click the Ally button on a resource, you might not see every alternative format as a download option. This is because the available options are dependent on the original content type.

For a detailed explanation of all the formats and when you may choose to use them in your learning, visit the Ally Help Page.

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