Cancer Survivorship Project (HRB - SPHeRE)

Improving the implementation and reach of self-management support in cancer care

This PhD research project is being led by Nickola Pallin ( and is funded by the Health Research Board SPHeRE/2013/1 award. The project is supervised by Prof John Browne, Dr. Sheena McHugh and Prof Roisin Connolly

Why are we doing this research?

Self-management support programmes help people learn more about their condition and monitor symptoms. Solve problems and make plans to manage their lifestyle as well as set goals. Individuals supported to self-manage can have improved quality of life, however implementation of these programmes is a challenge. The overall aim of this research is to find out how to implement self-management support programmes in a way that is acceptable and practical in cancer care.  

What is involved?

The project will consist of a number of work packages. 


  1. Evaluating the current implementation of self-management support programmes in cancer care and evaluating the implementation needs. (We are interviewing staff involved in delivering self-management support to identify barriers and enablers to implementation. We will also interview people living with and beyond cancer to identify their barriers and enablers to taking part in these programmes).
  2. The findings from work package 1 will help us better understand where gaps lie and what solutions (implementation strategies) are needed. Working with key partners (health professionals and those living with and beyond cancer) will develop a strategy to assist the implementation and uptake of these programmes.  
  3. This strategy will then be evaluated to assess the feasibility of supporting the implementation of self-management support in the in the cancer setting.  


Project Outputs

There are no outputs for this study at present 

Contact details

For further information on this project please contact Nickola Pallin, School of Public Health, University College Cork at



Health Implementation Research Hub

School of Public Health, Western Gateway Building, T12 XF62,