Objectives and Targets

Objectives and Targets

Objectives and Targets


  1. To quantify the relationship between nutrient levels and primary productivity, and the influence of variables including nutrient stoichiometry, water chemistry, hydraulic disturbance, riparian shade and invertebrate grazing on this relationship, through a large-scale, extensive study of streams in Munster.
  2. To determine the precise impact of shade on the relationship between nutrients, algal/macrophyte growth and invertebrate consumers in a limited number of nutrient-rich streams or mini-catchments in Co. Cork, through quantitative field experiments.
  3. To quantify the interactions, and identify any hystereses, between plant nutrients, light levels, benthic algal growth and invertebrate grazers using laboratory-based, experimental recirculating stream systems.


  1. Identification of those environmental factors that mitigate the ecological impact of eutrophication of streams in the Munster area.
  2. Establishment of quantitative relationships between nutrients, light (shade), primary producers and invertebrate grazers.
  3. Development of a user-friendly classification system that identifies stream types which are most at risk from eutrophication.
  4. Development of guidelines to improve management of stream ecosystems, and to decrease risk of stream degradation.

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