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9 Jun 2021

IGNITE, an international award winning start-up programme at University College Cork, is looking for recent graduate entrepreneurs to join the next IGNITE programme, commencing September 2021.

IGNITE supports recent graduates turn good ideas into scalable businesses that have economic, environmental or social impact. Based at University College Cork, the 12 month programme is open to all recent graduates from any discipline in any third level Institution in Ireland who have the passion and ambition to work full-time on a scalable start-up idea with potential for commercial or social impact.

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Since 2011, IGNITE has supported almost 130 start-ups, including:

  • Conor Lyden, founder of Trustap. Trustap is a peer to peer escrow style payment platform. Conor completed a BE (Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering) in 2016 at University College Cork.“Without IGNITE and all of the people involved I simply would not have my own business”
  • Marion Cantillon, founder of Pitseal. Pitseal is an edible biofilm that replaces plastic sheeting in the silage process to reducing plastic waste and improve greenhouse gas emissions in farming. Marion completed a BSc Food Marketing and Entrepreneurship at University College Cork in 2020. “When I started IGNITE, all I had was an idea in my head; and now that I’m nearly finished, I have a product, a company and, most importantly, a clear plan for the future as well as a support network I can always count on. IGNITE helped me bring my product to life whilst providing me with the advice and guidance to navigate through any challenges that may arise.”
  • Ryan O’Neill, co-founder of LegitFit. LegitFit is an easy-to-use software platform designed to help health and fitness professionals spend less time on admin and more time with clients or working directly on areas of the business that drive profits. Ryan completed a Masters in Management and Marketing at University College Cork in 2019. “The programme helped us to get our business off the ground.”
  • Dr Fiona Edwards-Murphy, co-founder of ApisProtect. The company uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor honey bee colonies. The company raised €1.5M in 2018 to deploy the system in the U.S and is currently monitoring 100 million honeybees worldwide. Fiona was recently listed on Forbes 30 under 30. Fiona completed a BE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) at University College Cork and a PhD with the Embedded Systems group in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the School of Biological, Earth, and Environmental Sciences (BEES) at University College Cork. “IGNITE really helped me to develop my pitching skills, I’ve gone from afraid to stand up and talk in front of a single person to pitching to over 400 people”

IGNITE Programme provides:

  • Seed funding and access to further funding opportunities

  • Workshops, Seminars, Guest Speakers - Comprehensive training schedule

  • Access to Mentors, Consultants and Coaches
  • Regular networking events and access to key entrepreneur networks
  • Shared office space in UCC

  • Access to UCC’s academic, research and commercialisation expertise

  • Membership of Cork Chamber, Network Cork, IT@Cork

  • We do not take an equity stake in any company


Click here to find out more about how IGNITE can help you start your business.




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