ApisProtect places 2nd at the Finals of Ideas from Europe

25 Apr 2018

On April 24 2018 in the Knights’ Hall in The Hague at the Finals of Ideas from Europe, twelve passionate innovators presented their sustainable solutions for today's global issues.

Amongst these twelve entrepreneurs was UCC graduate Fiona Edwards-Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of ApisProtect. ApisProtect uses in-hive sensors, retrofitted into existing beehives, to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies. The collected data is gathered using mobile networks, machine learning techniques are applied, which extract valuable information about the condition, activities, and productivity levels of the bees. Smart alerts, with actionable insights, are provided to the beekeeper about colony health, diseases, pests, and important hive events, allowing them to make effective beekeeping decisions. Fiona completed IGNITE in 2017. 

ApisProtect placed second in a public vote. The overall winner was Micreos, with the world’s first targeted antibacterial products in the fight against antibiotic resistance, and in third place was Too Good to Go, a smartphone application that helps avoid food waste by restaurants and food sellers. 


Clár Gnó Iarchéime IGNITE

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