Mumtahina Adrita


Mumtahina is a PhD researcher in the department of Mechanical, Biomedical and Manufacturing Engineering at Munster Technological University (MTU), under the supervision of Dr. Ken Bruton (UCC) and Dr. Michael D. Murphy (MTU). She completed her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering with a first-class honours from Cork Institute of Technology in 2017. She has been a member of the Intelligent Efficiency Research Group (IERG) in University College Cork since 2018. Her research interests include Expert Systems, Adaptive Scheduling, Automation and Standardization of Manufacturing Processes, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Tool Wear/Offset Prediction, Industry 4.0, and Decision Support Systems. 


Her current research is funded by SFI MaREI and it focuses on manufacturing tools and processes with the aim to reduce manual interaction, while studying its impact on process scrap and savings in the current Industry 4.0 setting. She is working on her research project with the industrial partner, DePuy Synthes.



Mumtahina Adrita

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