Liam Morris


Liam Morris is a graduate from the School of Engineering in UCC, having received a first-class honours in the Bachelor (Hons) of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering degree. Towards the end of his studies, Liam shifted his focus to the Energy stream of study and worked on projects looking to reduce CO2 transport emissions within the School of Engineering and to design energy efficient building services for a library building.

Liam’s research interests include Energy Efficiency, IoT Connectivity and Process Optimisation, with his work culminating in the integration of all three. His area of research will look into the development of a data driven decision support tool aiming to reduce both direct and indirect energy consumption from a manufacturing process.

Liam’s work is aligned with the EU funded DENiM (Digital intelligence for collaborative ENergy management in Manufacturing) project, which aims to develop an interoperable digital intelligence platform to enable a collaborative approach to industrial energy management. This project is aligned with a consortium of 18 European-wide industry experts.

Liam is also involved in establishing a LoRaWAN environmental sensor network in UCC’s Civil Engineering Building. These sensors regularly gather information on CO2 concentration, humidity and temperature levels in a space. The sensor network keeps space users informed in real-time on air quality within the space and whether there is adequate ventilation for safety and comfort needs. 




Liam Morris

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